Friday, May 31, 2024

They Got What They Elected.

When you elect a MAGA you get a MAGA, well Enfield CT got what they elected and now they are hopping mad.
'A Very Sad Day For Enfield' As School Chief Outlines Budget Cuts
School officials gave the Board of Education a list of proposed reductions, including the termination of more than 100 teachers and staff.
By Tim Jensen,
May 30, 2024

Faced with the task of trimming more than $9.5 million from its budget needs, emotional members of the Enfield Board of Education were presented a huge menu of likely reductions, involving the termination of more than 100 teachers and staff members, as well as numerous programs throughout the district.

A special meeting of the board Wednesday ostensibly had the purpose of formally accepting the appropriation of $77,429,554 for fiscal year 2024-25. That amount, approved last week by the town council, represents an increase of 1.98 percent over the current fiscal year, but fell far short of the requested amount of $82,511,081, which would have been an 8.68 percent increase.

A grim-faced interim Superintendent of Schools Andy Longey began the outline of reductions by stating, "Before I start, I want to say there is absolutely nothing educational about this presentation. It is a very sad day for Enfield and public education in general. I want to remind everyone, for every position and program cut, there is a real person behind it. These professionals have dedicated their careers here, and we are shattering their livelihood, their family life and I'm sure their mental well-being. This is simply not a good day."
Now this I the town that the new Republican mayor nixed the Drag Story Hour at the public library, it was also the town which back in 2010 wanted to hold the high school graduation in a church.
At JFK, eight grade-level teachers will be let go, resulting in the elimination of the team teaching model in place for decades. Other middle school cuts include a reading teacher, a school counselor, a special education teacher and a pair of world language teachers, which will put an end to the sixth-grade world language program.

Sports, a library media specialist, a late bus and some student activity stipends will be eliminated at the middle school. Longey said stipend programs such as Best Buddies, drama, yearbook, National Junior Honor Society and variety show will be retained.
Lets chop up to public school system so only those who cannot afford a private will be stuck going to public schools.

In another Patch article…
Veach Tabbed To Seek New 30th House Term
The Berlin Republican serves parts of Berlin and Southington.
By Michael Lemanski,
May 30, 2024

The incumbent Republican state representative serving parts of Berlin and Southington has been officially nominated to seek a third term.

State Rep. Donna Veach, R-Berlin, serves the 30th House District in the General Assembly.

"I am honored to have been chosen to serve the residents of Berlin and Southington as their voice in Hartford," Veach said.

"My goal continues to be addressing Connecticut's overall affordability, supporting our law enforcement community and their efforts to keep our residents safe, and reducing burdensome regulations on our small businesses."

Veach serves on the legislature’s Environment, Judiciary, and Finance, Revenue and Bonding committees.
She is just another MAGA and voted against ever LGBTQ+ bill that came across her desk.

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