Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Numbers Don’t Lie…

But liars can figure, and that is probably why Trump hires them!
Financial regulators permanently banned the accounting firm that the parent company of Donald Trump’s media platform hired in an enforcement action after an investigation revealed that the firm wasn’t really conducting audits and instead just pasted old work into new papers and forged the date. The investigation results did not include work performed for the Republican presidential candidate’s Trump Media and Technology Group.

According to the SEC’s probe, the Lakewood, Colorado accounting firm BF Borgers and its namesake owner Benjamin F. Borgers failed to properly audit and monitor public companies’ financial filings, resulting in a widespread “deliberate and systematic failure” of the public accounting firm. Regulators uncovered that Borgers himself told audit staff they could copy previous workpapers from past audits and paste them in as final audit workpapers for new client engagements. The SEC said the staff, in response, updated the balance sheet dates and dates of completion of the work papers but all the other information was replicated from a previous audit or quarterly review. Borgers also falsely documented nonexistent work by claiming to be meeting with engagement partners for meetings to discuss potential risks from an audit.


Regulators said Borgers, as engagement partner, was supposed to review or supervise audit work. Instead, there were zero planning meetings held and “Borgers rarely interacted with the staff level auditors.” The SEC said Borgers’ falsified workpapers were meant to “create the illusion” that the firm’s audit engagements complied with public accounting standards, whereas they knew the reports were fraudulent.
However, AP News writes that they…
The charges, which include failing to abide by accounting rules and fabricating documentation to cover up its shortcomings, do not involve any work that BF Borgers performed for Trump Media. To settle the charges, BF Borgers and Borgers agreed to pay a combined $14 million in civil penalties as well as permanent suspensions effective immediately, set to prevent them from handling SEC-related matters as accountants.
Even though the fraud didn’t involve any Trump properties you have to wonder if Trump knew of their reputation?

What Trump Did, Biden Undid.
Trans rights are at the mercy of the president — that could go terribly wrong
Even with Biden's new health care protection measures, trans people in the U.S. find themselves in a scary position: at the mercy of whoever sits in the White House.
By Katelyn Burns
May 2, 2024

Late last week, the Biden administration announced it had finalized federal rules protecting trans people from discrimination in health care facilities. It’s the latest move the White House has taken to try to stem the relentless attacks on access to gender-affirming care by red-state legislatures over the last few years.

The rule resets Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which protects patients from discrimination based on sex, to include gender identity. President Joe Biden’s version of the rule returns the protections to what they were when the law was initially implemented by the Obama administration in 2016. The restored rule brings the landmark health care law in alignment with how the conservative Supreme Court defined sex discrimination in Bostock v. Clayton County, a 2020 ruling that banned employment discrimination against LGBTQ people.
The reason why President Biden did it was because,
In 2018, the Trump administration finalized its own rule to define sex as sex assigned at birth, ostensibly legalizing discrimination against trans people by medical providers. The back-and-forth between successive Democratic and Republican presidencies has left trans people in legal limbo on the federal level as the national political rhetoric against us has ramped up to extremes over recent years.
The Republicans taketh away and the Democratic giveth.

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