Monday, May 13, 2024


You know that the right-winger love to go after us with bathrooms and sports… Well this one is a twofer.
'I'm a trans girl,' individual tells college student in bathroom run-in
Fox News
By Jamie Joseph
May 9, 2024

A North Carolina university is investigating after student Payton McNabb – who suffered long-term physical and mental injuries when a transgender volleyball player spiked a ball and hit her in the face during a high school match – filmed herself confronting a transgender woman in one of the girls' bathrooms on campus.

"Western Carolina University is dedicated to fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all students. The university's primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of all members of its campus community," a spokesperson for the school said in a statement issued to Fox News Digital. "WCU is committed to upholding its principles and ensuring that all students have equal access to education and opportunities. Violations of any university policies or state and federal laws will be addressed by appropriate campus officials.
Did the trans woman do anything illegal in the bathroom? No.
Did the trans woman do anything wrong on the volleyball court? No.
Did the cis-gender woman do anything illegal in the bathroom? Yes. It is illegal in Connecticut to video or take photos of a person where they have an expectation of privacy.
McNabb then tells the individual that she pays "a lot of money to be safe in the bathroom." 
Well my dear, you’re still safe… was anything done to you in the bathroom? No. There is no evidence that allowing transgender women to use women's restrooms increases safety risks or illegal behavior. The claims that transgender-inclusive bathroom policies enable sexual predators are unfounded.
"Currently, I'm facing reports to the school for alleged 'transphobia,' alongside attempts to tear down my sorority, despite it having nothing to do with it," McNabb wrote on X, formerly Twitter. "I believe in everyone's right to their own opinion, and I shouldn't face punishment simply because I felt uncomfortable with a man being in our bathroom."
Do you know that one of the reasons of the segregation in the south was because Black made White people uncomfortable going the bathroom with Blacks or sitting at lunch counters. Then in the seventies the conservatives tried to ban gays from public restrooms because feared that the gays would attack boys in the bathroom. So that excuse has been used for generations.
In September 2022, McNabb was injured during a high-school volleyball game by a transgender athlete on the opposing team who spiked the volleyball and struck her in the face, causing her to fall backward and suffer a concussion and neck injury.
I wrote about that here, according to St. Luke’s Health,
This sport requires its athletes to be quick on their feet and lunge at oncoming balls; volleyball yields around 59,370 injuries nationally a year. One of the most common injuries is sprained ankles, caused by changing direction too fast or landing wrong after a jump.
Among volleyball-related injuries evaluated in EDs between 2012 and 2021, the incidence rates of injuries in college-aged athletes far surpassed those of their high school–aged peers irrespective of injury type or bodily location. While sprains and strains were the most frequent injuries, head injuries accounted for the second most common diagnosis in both groups, suggesting that clinicians should maintain a high index of suspicion for concussion when evaluating players.
It seems to me that head injuries are quite common and one out of hundreds of head and necking is not a cause for alarm like and what they should do is get head protection for the players.


  1. So, is this about head protection, or is it about head protection? ;)

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    2. I was just making a joke about nautical heads vs knots on the head (restrooms vs concussions). I don't think you mixed anything up at all - your points were well-made.