Wednesday, May 29, 2024


So Trump's trial is going to the jury this week.
What do you think will be the verdict?

If found guilty what do you think the sentence should be?
I think he should get 6 months in jail and at least 5 years on probation. I think at his age six months in jail will really warp his mind and the probation will force him to see a probation officer once a month or so. 
Can you imagine how his narcissist mind would handle being just a number? He was a Fortunate Son whose father got him out of the Vietnam war with "Bone Spurs" and I don't think he will handle prison life at all, and six months he will be climbing the walls going stir crazy.

And remember whoever is president can not pardon hum because it a state case.

Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
Lord, don't they help themselves, Lord?
But when the taxman come to the door
Lord, the house lookin' like a rummage sale, yeah
 Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Fox News think he is going to get off...
Legal guru says prosecution fell 'way short' in Trump case, reasonable doubt is 'everywhere'
'There is reasonable doubt all over this case,' defense attorney Randy Zelin said
By Brian Flood
May 28, 2024

Defense attorney Randy Zelin said Tuesday on CNN that prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that former President Trump is guilty of falsifying business records in the ongoing New York v. Trump trial.

"They fell way short," Zelin told CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

"Let’s start with reasonable doubt. What is reasonable doubt? And it’s not simply a doubt based upon reason. Any time a human being needs to make an important decision in life, if you have enough information, for example, doctor says you need open-heart surgery, ‘Doc, go ahead and schedule. I don’t have a reasonable doubt,"’ Zelin added.

What happens if Trump is convicted in hush-money trial?
BBC News
Holly Honderich
May 28, 2024 

After nearly five weeks, both the prosecution and the defence have rested in Donald Trump’s history making hush-money case.

Closing arguments will begin on Tuesday, and then the jury will start deliberations. After that, it is anyone’s guess when they will return and what they’ll decide.

But if he is found guilty on even one count - just one of a few possible outcomes - Mr Trump would become the first former US president with a criminal conviction, and the first major party candidate to run for the White House as a felon.

Here are some key issues to consider if a guilty verdict is delivered.


Could Trump go to prison?

It is possible, though highly unlikely, that Mr Trump would serve time behind bars in the event of a guilty verdict.

The 34 charges he faces are all class E felonies in New York, the lowest tier in the state. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of four years.

There are several reasons why Justice Merchan could choose a lesser punishment, including Mr Trump’s age, his lack of previous convictions, and the fact that the charges involve a non-violent crime.

It is also possible that the judge would weigh the unprecedented nature of the case, perhaps choosing to avoid putting a former president and current candidate behind bars.

It is getting under his skin worrying that his hair will clash with his orange jumpsuit.
Ex-Trump White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci on Tuesday said former President Trump’s recent attacks against the judge in his New York hush money trial suggest he is “super nervous” about the verdict.

“He is super nervous about this,” Scaramucci said Tuesday in an interview on CNN. “Those bombs that he launched last night at the judge and all the suggestions that he was making, all the spurious suggestions are out of Trump’s playbook. So he knows the facts of the case, he knows exactly what happened, and he’s super worried about it, and that was a tell from him, so he’s show[ed] his cards last night.”

Scaramucci’s comments came as closing arguments for Trump’s hush money trial kicked off Tuesday in Manhattan. Upon conclusion, the case will be handed to a 12-person jury to decide whether to convict Trump on 34 criminal counts of falsifying business records.
Queue the theme song from Dragnet!
In a moment the results of that trial...


  1. Professional opinion? We will either see a guilty verdict by Friday (or Monday at the latest) or we will have a hung jury. I see little chance of an acquittal. The jury did not like Trump and they despised the on,y witness Trump offered in his defense. They liked Michael Cohen despite his obvious baggage.

  2. In the end it will make no difference whether he is acquitted or convicted. Trump is here to stay until he passes away from too many cheeseburgers. If he is sent to jail he will still have his loyal supporters and the scared MAGA GOP spineless politicians. If he does win in 2024 and serve a full term he will dictate from the sidelines after January 20, 2029. The "True Republicans" will have been eliminated in a Trump purge during his presidency. Remember the 1930's. They will be repeated in the 2030's.