Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Cuckoo Award.

This one comes from Tucker Carlson and it is a real doozy!

Do you remember Alex Jones the Sandy Hook denier who said the mass killings were a government hoax? Well did you know that he has supernatural powers like Superman?
Tucker Carlson claims Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones is a supernatural prophet who predicted 9/11
‘He’s channeling something,’ Carlson insisted
By Graig Graziosi
May 14, 2024

Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson says conspiracy theorist and conservative commentator Alex Jones has tapped into a supernatural force that allows him to predict the future.

Carlson made the comments on a recent episode of Joe Rogan's podcast.

“He’s channeling something,” Carlson said. “I’ve asked him about it. ‘How did you do that?’ At length, during dinner on my barn recently. We’re talking about this. ‘How’d you do that?’ ‘I don't know. It just came to me.’ And that’s real. That is real. The supernatural is real and I don’t know why it’s hard for the modern mind — I guess because it’s a materialist mind — to accept that.”

He continued, explaining the idea of the prophet throughout history.

“That’s not a new phenomenon. It’s happened throughout history," Carlson said. "There are people called prophets, and there are people who were prophets who weren’t called prophets, but there are people who have information or parts of information, bits of information, visions of information come to them and then they relay it.”
Cuckoo, cuckoo! Today’s Cuckoo Award goes to Tucker Carlson!

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  1. So apparently Joe Rogan’s supply of fresh lunatics has run out, forcing him to recycle old ones.