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The Vigilantes Are Hot On The Trail!

They are hunting down women from Texas who had abortions out of state and trans children who get treatment out of state.
Texas man files legal action to probe ex-partner’s out-of-state abortion
The previously unreported petition reflects a potential new antiabortion strategy to block women from ending their pregnancies in states where abortion is legal.
The Washington Post
By Caroline Kitchener
May 3, 2024

As soon as Collin Davis found out his ex-partner was planning to travel to Colorado to have an abortion in late February, the Texas man retained a high-powered antiabortion attorney — who court records show immediately issued a legal threat.

If the woman proceeded with the abortion, even in a state where the procedure remains legal, Davis would seek a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the abortion and “pursue wrongful-death claims against anyone involved in the killing of his unborn child,” the lawyer wrote in a letter, according to records.
So what does this have to do with trans stuff?

Well they are doing to same stuff with trans children who go out of state for healthcare.
Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union, and ACLU of Texas today asked a Texas state court to block the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) from investigating parents who work with medical professionals to provide their adolescent children with medically necessary gender-affirming care.

The lawsuit names Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who recently issued a directive stating that providing gender-affirming care should be considered a form of child abuse. The suit also names DFPS Commissioner Jaime Masters and DFPS, as defendants. The lawsuit includes claims that these recent directives were issued without proper authority, in violation of the Texas Administrative Procedures Act, the separation of powers requirements  of the Texas Constitution,  and the constitutional rights of transgender youth and their parents.

"For Governor Abbott and Attorney General Paxton, it seems the cruelty is the point,” said Lambda Legal Senior Counsel Paul Castillo (he/him). “They are joining a politically motivated misinformation campaign with no consideration of medical science and seem determined to criminalize parents seeking to care and provide for their kids, and medical professionals abiding by accepted standards of care for transgender youth. Gender-affirming care for the treatment of gender dysphoria is medically necessary care, full stop. Criminalizing that care and threatening to tear children from their families is unconscionable and terrifying, and cannot stand.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of an employee of DFPS with a transgender child, her husband, and the teen herself. According to the complaint, this family has had an investigator already arrive at their house. The family has filed the lawsuit anonymously. Dr. Megan Mooney, a licensed psychologist who is considered a mandatory reporter under Texas law and cannot comply with the governor’s directive without harming her clients and violating her ethical obligations, is also a plaintiff in the suit.
They use the same technique to hunt down trans children! Texas has sued hospitals in other states that provide trans healthcare.

What do these states have in common: Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington?

These states have passed laws to protect reproductive health care access and patient privacy in their respective states. So Texas could not get records from a patient here on reproductive health. And I have been told that because of the broad language it also covers us. It is written so that any health records for reproductive healthcare are covered. The Connecticut law states in part…
“...except that no judge shall issue a summons in a case where prosecution is pending, or where a grand jury investigation has commenced or is about to commence for a criminal violation of a law of such other state involving the provision or receipt of or assistance with reproductive health care services, as defined in section 1 of this act, that are legal in this state, unless the acts forming the basis of the prosecution or investigation would also constitute an offense in this state.”
Notice that it doesn’t say anything about abortion or trans health. When you stop and think for a moment all our healthcare is centered around “reproductive health” puberty blockers, Cross-gender hormone therapy (CHT), and all Gender Confirming Surgery they are all covered in the law.

The Texas Tribune writes,
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is requesting medical records of Texas youth who have received gender-affirming care from a Georgia telehealth clinic, marking at least the second time he’s sought such records from providers in another state.


The clinic said that Paxton asked for private information about Texas residents who were provided with telehealth care in Texas before the ban, and residents provided with care outside of Texas after the ban. The request, they said, nearly mirrors one the attorney general sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital last year.

Paxton asked Seattle Children’s for a variety of patient information, including the number of Texas children they have treated, medications prescribed to children, the children’s diagnoses and the name of Texas laboratories where tests for youth are administered.
Now get a load of this shenanigans by the Texas Attorney General, the Dallas Voice writes about the sneaky way that are trying to get data on trans children getting treatment out of state.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office has issued a statement in response to PFLAG’s lawsuit filed yesterday, in a bid to characterize the lawsuit as a “bid to hide documents” in Paxton’s “investigation that will likely demonstrate that entities throughout Texas are committing fraud or otherwise violating” the recently-enacted Texas law prohibiting gender-affirming health care for transgender minors in Texas. He claims PFLAG’s documents are “highly relevant” in his “investigations into whether medical providers are committing insurance fraud in order to circumvent” the health care ban.
What they are saying is that doctors didn’t code the insurance claims as treating Gender Dysphoria but rather something else that is covered. I don’t know if this will fly in a Connecticut court but it is a scary new attack on our healthcare.
The Dallas Voice when on to report,
In January, officials for QueerMed — a telehealth clinic based in Georgia that stopped serving trans youth in Texas when the ban on gender-affirming health care for minors went into effect and from whom Paxton requested information dating back to Jan. 1, 2022 before that ban went into effect — said they would “under no circumstances” disclose protected patient information to Paxton or anyone else.
Paxton's request had it desired affect... stopping vital healthcare for trans children.

When it means is that if a trans child comes to Connecticut to get treatment and they bill not for Gender Dysphoria but something else like a glandular problem in order to get paid that is insurance fraud. And it could be a way of circumvent the states bans on reporting reproductive healthcare information.

Maine has also joined the fifteen states preventing Republican states from getting medical data on trans and women patients on healthcare.
Medicine is considered to be one of the core facets to any society. It’s something everyone needs, but not everyone gets. And those working in the field are underpaid while risking their own safety in order to care for their patients.
Pulse of Pride
By Jessie Pryce
May 4, 2024

Change came from the office of Janet Mills, acting Governor, last Tuesday when she signed LD 227. The bill grants sanctuary to out-of-state providers and patients seeking two controversial practices: abortions and trans affirming healthcare.

The state of Maine can now serve as a safe haven for those in need of medical practices that are illegal in their home state. The law also grants them security that the patient faces certain legal consequences for seeking aid beyond state lines.

Maine is now the 16th state to make such a declaration, cementing its attempts to improve reproductive and gender-affirming care. It is certainly a monumental step forward, but not everyone feels so jubilant.
But it didn’t go smoothly, there was an awful lot threats made…
A previous version of the bill had originally been proposed but failed after a significant increase from online threats. The threats were issued by staunch transphobes and far right conservatives. 
But they did it in the end!

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