Wednesday, May 15, 2024

In Harms Way

That is how we feel now with all this anti-LGBTQ+ violence and threats against us, we are on the defensive.
A bakery in Menomonee Falls canceled a 'Drag Story Hour and Cupcake Decorating' event after they said they received 'threatening' and 'violent' messages.

The event at Batter and Mac was scheduled as a fundraiser for Courage MKE, which helps advocate for LGBTQ people in our community, as well as helping them find housing, scholarships grants, and more.

"We were going to have the kids come in, read a book about love and acceptance, decorate some cupcakes, and just have a good and fun time to raise money for Courage MKE," said co-owner Brittany Wohlfeil.

According to a Facebook post from Batter and Mac, "These events are a great tool for promoting creativity in your minds, tearing down stereotypes, and promoting inclusion."


"Bakery is for everybody. Our bakery is for everybody and we try to welcome everybody," said Wohlfeil. "Even if you disagree with us, you’re still welcome here."
Fox 6 reported,
While there was a lot of support, there was also a lot of backlash from anonymous phone calls, to online threats.

"You’re sick, leave kids alone," added Wohlfeil.

Even a push to boycott the bakery with a village leader showing support.

"There’s Ann telling people to not come here," said Wohlfeil, referencing Menomonee Falls Village Trustee Ann Lessila who openly opposed the event.
The article ended with the bakery having a fundraiser drag Bingo event… Yeah, I love drag bingo!

I believe that those who called in the threats should be charged with terrorism because that is what it is, threatening people with bombs is plain and simple terrorism!

If all goes as planed I am half way to the Cape about now to open the cottage up for the season.

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