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A Bad Word…

And it is not even a four letter word… it is “Diversity.”

Have you noticed that the right-wingers do not like diversity, equity nor inclusion. They think that it is their god given rights to discriminate against people they don’t like. People whose eyes are oddly made, people whose skin is a different shade, people who love people, people whose gender identity is different from theirs.
A conservative quest to limit diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives is gaining momentum in state capitals and college governing boards, with officials in about one-third of the states now taking some sort of action against it.

Tennessee became the latest when the Republican governor this week signed legislation that would prohibit banks and other financial institutions from considering a customer’s participation — or lack thereof — in “diversity, equity and inclusion training” or “social justice programming.”

That came shortly after the Democratic governor in Kansas allowed legislation to become law without her signature that will prohibit statements about diversity, equity or inclusion from being used in decisions about student admissions, financial aid or employment at higher education institutions.

Last week, Iowa’s Republican-led Legislature also gave final approval to a budget bill that would ban all DEI offices and initiatives in higher education that aren’t necessary to comply with accreditation or federal law. The measure expands upon a directive last year from the Iowa Board of Regents to eliminate DEI staff positions.

Republican lawmakers in about two dozen states have filed bills seeking to restrict DEI initiatives this year. They are countered by Democrats who have sponsored supportive DEI measures in about 20 states. Altogether, lawmakers have proposed about 150 bills this year that would either restrict or promote DEI efforts, according to an Associated Press analysis using the legislation-tracking software Plural.
For over thirty years in manufacturing and twenty of them as a department manager I have never been told to hire a certain number of people with certain characteristics. I have had to sign policy statements saying that I would not discriminate in my work, but nowhere, at no time was there anything about a quote systems. We NEVER had to have a certain number of Blacks, or a certain number of women.
Higher education institutions and many businesses have long devoted resources to improving diversity and inclusivity.

More recently, conservative groups began raising concerns that DEI initiatives are promoting an agenda that elevates racial or gender identity over individual merit. Since 2022, about half a dozen conservative or libertarian organizations have offered model measures to state lawmakers to eliminate DEI offices or prohibit the use of DEI criteria in training programs or employment, academic and financial decisions.
NEVER have I heard of any businesses or colleges saying that they a quota system…. It is just another Republican lie to stir up to stir up anger in their base.
Diversity training is creating hostile work environments for minority groups. That is the key takeaway from new research published at the end of March by Britain's Free Speech Union. The report, titled "The EDI Tax: How Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is Hobbling British Businesses," surveyed 800 employees, 36 percent of whom said they witnessed employees being penalized by their employer for challenging the training. In addition, 31 percent said they had left a job because of their employer's promotion of political ideology. This figure rose to 43 percent among black people and 46 percent among Asian people.


The report states that Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) training, now unavoidable in most U.K. workplaces, is supposed to "make offices more inclusive, attractive places to work, particularly for members of historically disadvantaged groups. But according to the people we surveyed, it is having the opposite effect—and is particularly unpopular among ethnic minorities."
[Note: the Britain's Free Speech Union is conservative organization. Wikipedia says “The Free Speech Union has been criticized by journalists and former student members, who believe that the FSU has a right-wing agenda and that its stated aims are misleading.” So its pedigree is questionable.]

I did diversity training. And I can tell you there were a lot of people in those training session that didn’t want to be there. After one particular tense exchanges with one homeless shelter managers who was extremely against trans people in “HIS” shelter, the lady from HUD said something to like this, “Sir when you received that funding from HUD you agreed to these terms. Are you saying that you will not abide by those terms you agreed to? We are here today to give you tools to meet those obligations.”

And all we did to set him off was asked for pronouns while introducing yourself. Boy! He went off like a skyrocket. He went through the whole 90 minute workshop with his arms crossed, legs spread, and a sour look on his face like he was forced to eat a lemon. He even wrote to his congressional representatives that I found out about for the woman from HUD the next time we met to do the training… and our congressional representatives wrote back… obey the law or give back the money.

And this will even set off more firework works from the conservative, Republican states are suing over this.
EEOC says workplace bias laws cover bathrooms, pronouns and abortion
The guidance is not legally binding, but lays out a blueprint for how the EEOC will enforce anti-bias laws and can be cited in court to back up legal arguments.
NBC News
By Reuters
April 30, 2024

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Monday said employers refusing to use transgender workers’ preferred pronouns and barring them from using bathrooms that match their gender identity amounts to unlawful workplace harassment under federal anti-discrimination law.

The EEOC updated its enforcement guidance on workplace harassment for the first time in 25 years, including to reflect a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that anti-bias laws cover LGBTQ workers, after an earlier attempt stalled during the Trump administration.

The commission in the new guidance also addressed the rise of remote work and said that discriminating against employees based on their decisions to have abortions or use contraception is a form of sex discrimination.

The guidance is not legally binding, but lays out a blueprint for how the EEOC will enforce anti-bias laws and can be cited in court to back up legal arguments.

Some Republicans and conservative and religious groups had criticized the expansive guidance after the commission unveiled a draft version in September. They said it conflicts with state laws on abortion and LGBTQ issues and fails to acknowledge that religious employers are exempt from anti-discrimination laws in many cases.

EEOC Chair Charlotte Burrows in an interview said the guidance reflects decades of court rulings that have expanded workers’ rights to be free from workplace harassment, and that updating it was necessary to ensure that employers are aware of their legal obligations.
The right-wingers are hopping mad! They are not going to stand it! I foresee Republican governors’ saying that they are going to defy the Title VII federal law as they said that they will not follow the federal Title IX law!
The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal of claims brought by a state employee alleging that he was retaliated and discriminated against for his opposition to critical race theory (CRT) and gender identity training.


Nearly two years later, the father and son received emails from their supervisors instructing them to complete workplace trainings titled “How to be Anti-Racist (CRT Training)” and “Understanding Gender Identity and Expression: Moving Beyond the Binary.” The plaintiffs claimed that the trainings instructed employees to speak or refrain from speaking on certain political and ideological matters.


On Sept. 10, 2020, the father expressed his opposition to the gender identity training to one of his supervisors and sought a religious exemption. On Oct. 6, 2020, he emailed the supervisor, notifying him that he planned to retire on Jan. 6, 2021. On Oct. 27, 2020, the director of the Equal Opportunity and Access Division informed him via email that his request for a religious exemption was denied. On Nov. 2, 2020, the father replied that the denial of his exemption request solidified and confirmed his decision to leave the DHS.
This is not a clean case of refusing diversity training but it is also wrapped in “Religious Freedom” and I foresee other cases of “Religious Freedom” coming up in the courts for the new Title VII and Title IX policies.
Then you know who had to put their 2¢ in...
Lending his voice to anti-DEI fervor sweeping the Republican party, Donald Trump telegraphed a dramatic shift to America's approach to civil rights if he wins a second term as president, vowing to focus on "anti-white" racism, not on racism against people of color.

Asked about supporters who believe anti-white racism now represents a greater problem than anti-Black racism, the former president told Time magazine: "I think there is a definite anti-white feeling in this country and that can’t be allowed."

In the exclusive interview, Trump also said he would use the U.S. military to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants; deploy the National Guard to quash protests and gut the U.S. civil service.
He has to appease the white nationalist and white supremacists in his cult.
One of the goals of the presidential transition plan is reversing “the DEI revolution” by eliminating policies and programs such as affirmative action that work to counter racism that favors white people. Project 2025 calls it "affirmative discrimination."
As I said this whole Project 2025 thing is placate his whiteshirts, such as the Proud Boys and to form a white Christian nationalist country.

It is my god giving right to be a bigot.

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