Thursday, May 09, 2024

What’s Dead And What Passed.

Yesterday was the last day of the Connecticut General Assembly, what died.

To require local and regional boards of education to state a reason for removing or restricting access to public school library materials and prohibiting such boards from removing or restricting access to such materials for certain reasons.
It made it on to the House calendar in the beginning of April where it died.
It made it on to the House calendar in the beginning of April where it died.
To consolidate various provisions of the general statutes relating to reproductive health care services and gender-affirming health care services by incorporating existing statutory language concerning gender-affirming health care services into existing statutes concerning reproductive health care services. 
It never made it out of Judiciary committee.
It made it out of the Government Administration and Elections committee and was given a Senate calendar number where it died.

I found that most of these bills the community never even got a chance to testify on and only the opposition submitted testimony on with one one or two people testifying in favor of the bill. I think that the LGBTQ+ organizations did a very lousy job of getting the word out about the bills… I give them an “F” they failed miserably.

If you look at the opponents’ websites they got the word out to their supporters but the pro-LGBTQ+ organizations didn’t.

I hope that they have learned from this.

We also had a school bullying bill passed and on the way to the governor's desk,
To establish a task force to study the effects of hate speech on children.

And the clock ran out on the current session, that's all for 2024!

Another bill that I tracked wasn’t a LGBTQ+ bill.
To convey a parcel of state land in the town of Berlin at fair market value.

What made me made… we that it was done underhandedly. No one knew about the bill, it was posted only a day before the hearing!
4/3/2024 Referred to Joint Committee on Government Administration and Elections
4/4/2024 Public Hearing 04/09

The town that the land is in was never notified about the bill. The legislative representatives were never informed… it was totally under the radar.
A house at 2209 Berlin Turnpike in Meriden adjacent to Lamentation Mountain State Park in Berlin, Conn., Tuesday, April 23, 2024.
Dave Zajac/Hearst Connecticut Media

Sale would reward encroachment, DEEP commissioner says
CT Insider
By Mary Ellen Godin,
April 23, 2024

Town residents, state conservationists and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection oppose a state bill that would allow Salvatore Carabetta to purchase state park land to extend the family's homestead.

Doing business as Meriden Homestead LLC, Carabetta proposes buying 2.7 acres with access to the Berlin Turnpike to define property lines at 2209 N. Broad St.

DEEP claims Carabetta is encroaching on the state land and the sale would set a precedent allowing property owners who build on state land the opportunity to buy their way out of the consequences.
Now Carabetta is one of the major developers in Meriden with dozens of building in the city, do you think that might had something with the legislators bending over backwards to accommodate him?
"My family homestead is located at 2209 North Broad Street (Berlin Turnpike) on the Meriden Berlin Town line," Carabetta stated during an April 9 public hearing before the Government Administration and Elections Committee. "This property has been in my family for several decades. The property adjoins a second parcel in Meriden that was added to the Homestead and is connected to my original property."
Now if it has been in his family for decades you would think that he and the architects would know where the property line is.
State Rep. Donna Veach, R-Berlin, spoke on behalf of Berlin leaders against the land sale. 

"None of the town of Berlin's municipal leaders were informed about this proposal seeking to convey a parcel of land to a private entity within the town of Berlin's borders." Veach told lawmakers. "My understanding is that in doing this, there is a 'right of way' that may be blocked from public access to approximately 50 acres of state-owned land with trails that is frequently used by the public for outdoor recreation. We value our open space and the accessibility of areas with trails that the public can use and work hard to make them accessible to all of our residents."

Veach also challenged a proposed price tag of $35,000 for the 2.7 acres, located just off the Berlin Turnpike, land which typically sells for closer to $400,000 to $500,000.
Connecticut NBC News,
Opponents say the conveyance would set a bad precedent because, in their view, Carabetta’s looking to get around state laws against encroaching onto preserved land.

“It's not OK to trespass or otherwise encroach on land that has been set aside,” Connecticut Land Conservation Council Executive Director Amy Blaymore Peterson said.


Carabetta acknowledged his family built a large shed and basketball court that crossed onto state land.
And if you look at the picture it is not a “small” encroachment!
If DEEP is able to enforce the encroachment law, the agency can force Carabetta to remove anything on state land and pay for repairs. DEEP can also seek fines of up to five times the cost of removal and repairs.
YES!! CT Insider goes on to write,
"This survey map, which was used by the landowner in the application materials, identifies numerous encroachments on state property including four buildings, an extensive bituminous driveway, a basketball court, dumping, drainage improvements, lights and an extensive lawn area," Dykes stated. "Conveying this land to the encroaching party would set a concerning precedent, which could incentivize abutting property owners to misuse state land and then seek relief though the conveyance process." 

Dykes cited a state law prohibiting any person from encroaching on open space without the permission of the land owner.
That is what should be done, now that the legislative session is over, that means that the legislators don’t think that te land should be sold therefore the DEEP should go after him to take every that is within the state park down and restore it to its original condition.

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