Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Of All Placed That Bigotry Rears Its Ugly Head.

There are some spaces where you wouldn’t expect discrimination such as LGBT spaces but there are always some gay bigots out there.
Gay sauna ejects trans man because a customer complained a ‘woman’ was using the facility
LGBTQ Nation
By Gwendolyn Smith
November 1, 2018

A sex friendly bathhouse in London ejected a transgender man for not having a penis.

The man in question, a 26-year-old trans man who gave the pseudonym “Jason Smith” to protect his identity visited Sailors Sauna, located in the Limehouse district of East London, with a friend on Monday night.

Sailor’s Sauna advertises itself as a “social club for men interested in other men.”

Smith was initially reluctant to visit the place, as while he describes himself as “very passable,” he has not had bottom surgery.

“I was a little nervous about being trans as I haven’t had bottom surgery but was reassured (by a friend who accompanied him) there would be no issue,” Smith said to Gay Star News. “So I thought I’d double check on the website.”

The website for Sailors Sauna provides little information beyond a handful of photos, their address, prices, and hours, and a page or two on special event nights. There are no pages with rules, expectations of conduct, or – most importantly – who is or isn’t allowed on premises.
But then an employee saw it differently…
“A staff member came over and requested I leave,” said Smith. “I was not allowed because of my genitals.”

Smith explained his transgender status and shared his identification card, which lists him as male. He also noted that their website doesn’t list any rules barring transgender people from Sailors Sauna.

The staff member replied that Sailors Sauna was a “male space,” telling Smith that it would be find if he had “tits and a dick,” but that his current anatomy was unacceptable.
I have had no problems with almost all lesbians and gays but there is always one or two that I know don’t like me in “their space” and they are usually older lesbians and gays, the younger generation seems like they don’t care, it is those who are set in their ways that have problems with trans.

I know of one older lesbian couple who spouse told me in private that her wife didn’t like me being at lesbian events but after her wife got to know me, she liked me.

So how did the London sauna case end up?
Tower Hamlets council clarified with Sailors Sauna that they would not be in breach of their license by allowing a transgender man on their premises.

This afternoon I am at South Windsor senior center for their LGBT Moveable Senior Center.

Hate Is Still Growing.

You think you know your neighbors and fellow employees, but you never know when one will turn on you and out you.
Neighbors in Springfield, who were friends, outed Landon Fry for being transgender.
NBC News Center Maine
By Jackie Mundry
Published: 10/11/18

SPRINGFIELD (NEWS CENTER Maine) — Landon Fry moved to Maine with his family in December to "enjoy life" he told NEWS CENTER Maine.

They moved to a small rural community and volunteered at church and the fire department. They also made friends with their neighbors who lived right next door.

All that changed in September when the neighbor they became friends with, outed Fry for being transgender.
Fry and Hill have kids in the same 6th-grade class at Mount Jefferson Junior High School. Fry said his kids are now being asked questions about their father's gender and being bullied because of it.
Fry also said he was told that his family is no longer welcome at the Springfield Community Church. The pastor, Bruce Swan, told NEWS CENTER Maine "The church, we have an obligation to almighty God to follow the scriptures."
He had to get a protection order against his neighbor, he no longer feels safe in his own neighborhood.
Fry and Hill had a court hearing on this protection order and Hill has agreed to a nine-month protection from harassment order.

This protection order also protects Fry and Hill's children. They will be separated as much as possible in school and have assigned seats on the bus to ensure all the children are not being bullied and can receive the best education possible.
It is sad that just a couple of people can make our lives miserable.

I remember when I was laid off when the factory was being shut down by the new owners and one of my technicians outed me to the rest of the company. He went around the office telling everyone that I was trans and he thought that everyone would be disgusted but it backfired… he became an ogre and I got tons of emails congratulating me from my fellow employees.

Monday, November 12, 2018

We Are Lucky…

…Here in Connecticut, it is easy to change your name and birth certificate but for many other states it is impossible.

What is interesting is that back in the 60s and 70s the Republicans were all for it, the saw it as an economic necessarily but now…
How Birth Certificates Are Being Weaponized Against Trans People
A century ago, these documents were used to reinforce segregation. Today, they’re being used to impose binary identities on transgender people.
The Atlantic
By Garrett Epps
Professor of constitutional law at the University of Baltimore
June 8, 2018

When Walter A. Plecker died in August 1947, his “death was considered a gift by many,” writes historian Arica L. Coleman in her searing history, That the Blood Stay Pure: African Americans, Native Americans, and the Predicament of Race and Identity in Virginia. “It marked the end of one of the most virulent, bureaucratic, and racist regimes in the history of [Virginia] and the nation.”

Six decades later, however, Plecker’s ghost still sometimes shows his face—most recently in litigation about the rights of transgender Americans.

Plecker was Virginia’s registrar of vital statistics from 1912 to 1946. He played a leading role in creating and enforcing the grotesque racial dictatorship called segregation, which ruled the South from the 1890s until 1964—and whose heritage still divides and degrades the region today.
So how did all this morph into a document to be used against us?
The infamous “bathroom bills”—passed and partially repealed in North Carolina, and proposed in more than a dozen other states—were also birth-certificate based; they would make binding for life the assignment of sex performed at birth. In Whitaker v. Kenosha Unified School District, decided last year by the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Ash Whitaker, a transgender boy, was denied permission to use the boys’ bathroom despite two letters from his physician. At oral argument, the district argued instead that it would only accept “a birth certificate that designated his sex as male.” The appeals court, holding for Ash, noted the “arbitrary nature” of reliance on birth certificates.
Faulkner University law professor Adam J. MacLeod argues that these changes to birth certificates should not be made:
… the correspondence between a child’s identity and natural parentage is precisely why birth certificates list the child’s actual, biological parents. As embodied beings, our identity is constituted in large part in our biological reality. Each of us inherits (for better and worse) the biological basis for his identity from his father and mother. To record as parent someone who is not the child’s biological parent is to make a permanent misstatement about the child’s identity.
It seems clear, however, that what we call birth certificates are not scientific or medical documents. When a baby is born, hospitals fill out and file what is called a form attesting to a “live birth,” which contains information about parentage, weight, sex, and general health and is shared with public-health authorities. The birth certificate, issued later, is primarily used as a form of identification. It is frequently altered later in life—most commonly after adoption, when most states allow the adoptive parent or parents to be substituted for those recorded at birth. Transgender people seek the same opportunity to make their birth certificates match their present identity.
However, we run into a roadblock… many states still require surgery. The opposition says it is a historic document but as we seen it can be altered, so that argument doesn’t hold water.
Here is our old friend Walter Plecker, enforcing binaries in the name of science. What is curious is that some people who claim skepticism of big government in other areas are eager for it in this one. We can trust government to determine who we really are, and to make us wear that label for life.

Last month a federal court in Puerto Rico held that the commonwealth’s government must amend its birth certificates for transgender people. In a case brought by four transgender residents of the commonwealth and a local advocacy group, Puerto Rico Para Tod@s, and staffed by pro-bono lawyers from Lambda Legal and biglaw powerhouse Ropes & Gray, District Judge Carmelo Consuelo Cerezo wrote:
The right to identify our own existence lies at the heart of one’s humanity. And so, we must heed their voices: “the woman that I am,” “the man that I am.” Plaintiffs know they are not fodder for memoranda legalese. They have stepped up for those whose voices, debilitated by raw discrimination, have been hushed into silence. They cannot wait for another generation, hoping for a lawmaker to act. They, like Linda Brown, took the steps to the courthouse to demand what is due: their right to exist, to live more and die less.
So the courts are recognizing our need and right to change our birth certificate.

We need all the states to allow us to change our birth certificate and further more we need to question why gender in on it at all.

For more information on CT birth certificate and other information on changing your documentation click here.

Activist… All Part Of The Job

Becoming a parent doesn’t come with a job description or a manual, you do what you have to and for trans parents becoming an activist is part of that.
Parents of transgender kids kicked off CR skate rink speak out
Iowa City Press – Citizen
By Christine Hawes
November 9, 2018

When a Cedar Rapids businessman allegedly asked two transgender boys to separate themselves from other boys, and implied they were “a social experiment,” he likely didn’t realize he was probably violating Cedar Rapids and Iowa civil rights laws.

Worse yet, the owner of Super Skate didn’t realize the emotional wounds he risked reopening for not just a couple of young boys, but their families. He was clueless about what a personal victory it was for both boys to even be skating during “boys’ skate.”
Gary Hester probably didn’t expect Iowa City resident Cassie Mae Ellis to organize a rally of support for the family of her friend Nicole, Noah’s mom. Or that Ellis’s rally would attract more than 50 from throughout eastern Iowa, and national news coverage.
Both families have now decided to “step up to the plate.” Jeremiah filed a formal complaint with the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission – the results of which the public will hear about only if Super Skate is found to have violated civil rights statutes and contests that finding, say spokespeople for the commission.

The families have also decided to go public with their stories, after initially trying to stay out of the limelight. They’ve already been contacted by other families with children who are either gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or nonbinary.
Most of the parents that I know have taking up being an advocate for their children. One became the head of a local PFLAG chapter, others have spoken out against discrimination, some have testified before legislature committees, and others have written books about their experiences. I don’t think many have remained passive.

Of course there are still many parents who do not accept their child being trans, lesbian, or gay.

Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning they had an article on Conversion Therapy.
Conversion therapy: A disputed practice aimed at "converting" homosexuals
"I was a perfect, golden, super Christian ideal man," said 29-year-old Adam Trimmer.  And inside? "Inside, I was scared, broken. Afraid. I knew it wasn't real. I cried myself to sleep so many nights praying, 'God, please change me.'"
And so, at 17, Adam came out to his mother, Paulette. It didn't go well. She recalled, "He said, 'I am gay. I know I am gay.' And I just turned and looked to the side and tears just rolling down my face. And I looked at him and I said, 'Adam, a man shall not lay with another man.' And he started crying. I wanted him to know that it's in the Bible, and you're going against God."
"No, I did not hug him," she replied, crying. "And I remember hearing him tell someone, 'When I went to my mom, instead of getting love and support, I got religion.'"
Here in Connecticut and around a dozen other states ban conversion therapy on minors be licensed therapist.
As for the American Medical and Psychological Associations, they warn against the use of conversion therapy. And now, more than a dozen states ban licensed therapists from using those practices on children.

But some powerful religious organizations, such as Focus on the Family, say the government is going too far. Jeff Johnston, the group's issues analyst, insists people who don't want to be gay — even children — have the right to try to change.
The laws here in Connecticut and many other states are not perfect but they are the best we can do under the Constitution. The laws exempt religious institutions, however if a priest or minster is also a licensed therapist they can lose their license. The laws also exempts anyone over 18, because they are adults and they can make up their own minds to if they want to pay money to have the “gay beaten” out of them.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

There Is A Difference

How many times have you heard people say I didn’t vote because there is no difference between the parties?

Well there is a big difference…

Democrats ran Muslims, Jews, blacks, gays, lesbians, trans people, a Native American, and scientists and who did the Republicans run? They ran an accused rapist, white supremacists, 3 felons and a brothel owner.

In Connecticut in my House District the Republican’s in a “bait and switch” pulled their Republican candidate on the last day that they could and switched him with another candidate. Why? Because he made online comments that he made before his nomination that criticized the victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., and he disparaged Muslims.

I hope that you can see a difference.

In Colorado a trans candidate won office, the fourth trans candidate to win office in this election cycle!
Colorado’s first transgender legislator: How Brianna Titone flipped a Republican district
Arvada candidate was inspired by Danica Roem’s victory in Virginia
The Denver Post
By Andrew Keney
November 10, 2018

“I was thinking about running but I didn’t know if I could do it,” said Titone, 40. “When Danica Roem won her election, it kind of gave me the courage to say, ‘Someone else has done this, and now I have a chance to do this, too.’”

Titone declared victory Saturday morning and changed her Twitter handle to representative-elect as her lead increased to 368 votes among nearly 49,300 cast. All ballots have been counted except for an estimated 2,100 overseas and military ballots and those where signatures were challenged, according to Jefferson County elections officials. Nov. 14 is the deadline for those.
In Arvada, Titone’s apparent win is all the more notable because she was running for a seat that Republicans have dominated in recent cycles.

House 27 is currently held by Rep. Lang Sias, a prominent Republican who ran for lieutenant governor this year. Amid a statewide blue wave, it became one of Colorado’s closest races this week, with Republican Vicki Pyne holding a narrow lead on Election Night.
If other results hold, Titone would be part of the first state House session where the majority of representatives are women, Roesoner noted.

She wasn’t the only LGBTQ person to win this election cycle…
In ‘Rainbow Wave,’ L.G.B.T. Candidates Are Elected in Record Numbers
The New York Times
By Christina Caron
Nov. 7, 2018

More openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people were elected Tuesday night than in any previous election, signaling a shift in cultural attitudes even as the Trump administration has chipped away at L.G.B.T. rights.

The results are still rolling in, but at least 153 have won so far, said Elliot Imse, a spokesman for the Victory Fund, a nonpartisan political action committee devoted to electing L.G.B.T. candidates. The group endorsed 225 candidates in this election cycle, nearly all of whom were Democrats.

L.G.B.T. candidates ran for office in record numbers this year. “Success breeds success,” said Annise Parker, the president and chief executive of the Victory Fund and former mayor of Houston.

“We’re not going out and pleading with people to run,” she added. “These are people who say, ‘I want to go out and do this and bring my whole self to the campaign.’”
In Kansas, Sharice Davids won a seat in the House of Representatives, becoming the first lesbian congresswoman from the state and one of the first two Native American women elected to Congress. In addition, Brandon Woodard, who identifies as gay, and Susan Ruiz, a lesbian, were elected state representatives.
Among the notable incumbents who were re-elected were Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon, who is bisexual, and Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, a lesbian who was the first openly L.G.B.T. person elected to the United States Senate.
And hate runs rampant against LGBTQ, Vermont’s Christine Hallquist received death threats and…
But the path to Election Day was not without difficulties. Many candidates faced threats and bias.
Yes, there was a rainbow wave but we are not finished… there is the 2020 elections where we must flip the Senate and the presidency.

An Interesting Survey Results

I found this very disturbing, the number of LGBT who voted for their pocketbook.

I think that there can be no doubt that the Trump administration has been putting the screws to us especially to the trans community.

The Trump administration has…
  • Removed all references sexual orientation from government websites 
  • Removed all references gender identity from government websites
  • Removed all references on same-sex marriage from government websites
  • In court cases filed briefs against sexual orientation employment cases
  • In court cases filed briefs against trans employment cases
  • Tried to reinstate the trans ban in the military
  • Tried to remove healthcare for trans people
So given that, the Wall Street Journal broke down the demographics of the election and this is what I find amazing…

LGBT identification
Yes 6 73 25
No 94 49 49

Lesbian, gay and bisexual identification
Yes 6 75 23
No 94 48 49

Transgender identification
Yes 1 60 36
No 99 50 48

So to understand the results (It took me a while to understand how the data was broken down)

An Interesting Survey Results
I found this very disturbing, the number of LGBT who voted for their pocketbook.

I think that there can be no doubt that the Trump administration has been putting the screws to us especially to the trans community.

The Trump administration has…
Removed all references sexual orientation from government websites
Removed all references gender identity from government websites
Removed all references on same-sex marriage from government websites
In court cases filed briefs against sexual orientation employment cases
In court cases filed briefs against trans employment cases
Tried to reinstate the trans ban in the military
Tried to remove healthcare for trans people/

So given that, the Wall Street Journal broke down the demographics of the election and this is what I find amazing…

LGBT identification
Yes 6 73 25 3
No 94 49 49 2
Lesbian, gay and bisexual identification
Yes 6 75 23 3
No 94 48 49 2
Transgender identification
Yes 1 60 36 5
No 99 50 48 2

So to understand the results (It took me a while to understand how the data was broken down)

Six percent of the voters identified as LGBT and of those 73 percent were Democrats and 25 percent are Republicans. Of those who do not identify as LGBT 49 percent voted Democrats and 49 voted Republican.

One percent of the voters identified as Trans and of those 60 percent voted Democrats and 36 percent voted Republicans. Of those who do not identify as trans, 50 percent voted Democrats and 48 voted Republican.

So two facts stand out, over a third of the trans people in the poll are Republicans and a quarter of the LGBT in the poll are Republicans

So I guess that those LGBT people who are Republicans don’t really care that the current administration sees us as vermin that can be eradicated. I can only assume that they put money ahead of our rights.