Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Unfortunately The U.S. Now Falls In This Category

The United Nations passed a resolution chastising homophobic nations…
Homophobic nations suffer a major loss at the United Nations
Countries overwhelmingly voted to hold nations to account on LGBTI issues
Gay Star News
By Joe Morgan
12 July 2019

Homophobic nations attempted to sabotage a LGBTI rights resolution at the United Nations today (12 July).

Nations like Egypt and Pakistan attempted to derail the vote on the Independent Expert for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

The role is intended to hold nations to account on LGBTI issues. Created in 2016, it will now continue for the next three years.

Distracting amendments included removing all mentions of sexual orientation and gender identity from the role.
‘Today’s vote ensures… countries will be held accountable to protect their LGBTQ citizens,’ Jean Freedberg, HRC Director of Global Partnerships, said.

‘Yet even as we celebrate this victory, there is so much more to be done to truly protect even the most vulnerable among us, including transgender and intersex people — and to advance our path towards full equality.’
I hope that they turn their focus on the U.S. and our “Fearless Leader.”

While we are on the subject of homophobia,
New Republic magazine pulls down homophobic op-ed about Pete Buttigieg by an openly gay literary critic
The author argued that because Buttigieg waited until his early 30s to come out as gay, he would be too preoccupied with sex and drugs to be an effective president.
NBC News
By Josh Lederman
July 13, 2019

The New Republic has retracted a vulgar and homophobic op-ed about Pete Buttigieg by openly gay literary critic Dale Peck.

The magazine had published the piece, titled “My Mayor Pete Problem,” on its website on Friday.

In the piece, Peck described Buttigieg as “the gay equivalent of Uncle Tom,” and he referred to the presidential candidate as “Mary Pete” throughout the column.

Peck argued that because Buttigieg waited until his early 30s to come out as gay, he would be too preoccupied with sex and drugs to be an effective president. The piece also crudely speculated about intimate details of Buttigieg’s personal life.

Almost immediately, social media erupted in widespread condemnation.
I do not understand how anyone who is LGBTQ+ could be Republican and vote against their human rights. There are only two things that I can think of; one they’re racist or greedy.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Fun & Games

I don’t know about you but having your car serviced is not my favorite pastime but this morning that is where I will be sitting with my ice coffee and a book.

When I first transitioned I dreaded going to places with a high testosterone levels like car dealers and building supple places. However once you transition you have no choice.

I have to admit that as usual my worries were for naught. I haven’t had any problems, the only problem that I have is mansplaining. I know what a Kellems® grip is “I don’t need no lecture.”

I personally know 4 trans people who works or used to work for Home Depot and one of them was a night store manager.

It is the little stores that I have problems with, a local hardware store I will not go back to ever. When I walked in to the store to have a propane tank filled a store employees noticed me and when I left the store there were a five employees lined up by the door giggling. But the same chain of local hardware stores up in New Hampshire (the only hardware store for 20 miles) was fine with me.

When I had to have my car repaired after an accident, I could tell the moment when the owner realized I was trans. His eyes got wider and he stepped back a step, but by the time we finished talking he was back to normal talking distance.

So when this is published I should be sitting in the waiting room with my book and coffee waiting for them to do the 30,000 mile checkup.

When I made the appointment the counter person asked what the mileage is on the car, I said that I don't know, the idiot light just for routine maintenance,

Sunday, July 14, 2019

In The News… Women’s Soccer Team Captain Megan Rapinoe

Everywhere you looked the last couple of weeks Megan Rapinoe was in the news, this old article surfaced about her stand to trans rights.
Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Swin Cash and others speak out in support of transgender youth
By Katie Barnes
February 23, 2017

On Wednesday night the Trump administration rescinded Obama-era guidance directing schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity as part of Title IX policy.
Some have interpreted the move as an attack on transgender youth, and several athletes have spoken out in support of transgender students.
Megan Rapinoe
.@realDonaldTrump: no young person, no kid should wake up in the morning fearful of the school day ahead. We must #ProtectTransKids @HRC
Trans athletes has become a hot button issue, those who are trying to get us ban point out to trans athletes who win but totally ignore all those that lose which far outnumber those who are winning.

In a Guardian article they write,
Sports stars weigh in on row over transgender athletes
Campaigners divided over whether trans women have an unfair advantage in sport
By Sean Ingle
3 Mar 2019

First it was Martina Navratilova. Then Paula Radcliffe and Kelly Holmes. Now, almost with every passing day, there are more voices wading into the issue of whether transgender competitors should be allowed to take part in women’s sport.
As things stand, the International Olympic Committee allows trans women to compete as long as they have been reducing their testosterone levels for 12 months. However, Fair Play for Women believes there is little science behind the IOC’s policy and says there is a “legacy effect of testosterone” that gives an unfair strength advantage even after the current level of the hormone is reduced.

Governing bodies are clearly undecided about how best to deal with the questions of gender, biology and identity that arise from the issue. Last year Hannah Mouncey, a former member of the Australian men’s handball team, was blocked from playing in Aussie rules football’s professional women’s league on the grounds of strength and physique.
On Sunday, Navratilova, who had a trans coach, apologised for saying a fortnight ago that trans athletes were cheating. “I’m sorry for that because I certainly was not suggesting that transgender athletes in general are cheats,” she said. “I attached the label to a notional case in which someone cynically changes gender, perhaps temporarily, to gain a competitive advantage. We should not be blind to the possibility and some of these rules are making that possible and legal.”
It is always  these hypothetical  questions of “what if” cases the opposition always brings up… “What if a boy dresses as a girl so they can get on a girls team?” Which by the way has never happened, what boy is going to dress and live as girl just to get an athletic scholarship.

If they pass a rule that you have to play in the league of your birth gender they will be allowing trans men to play on women’s teams. It is just like when they try to force us to use the bathroom of our gender assigned at birth then you will be seeing men in the women’s bathroom because these conservatives totally ignore trans men.

So why don’t they just allow us to play on the team of our gender identity as long as we have been on Cross Gender Hormones or blocker for at least 2 years after Tanner Stage 2.