Tuesday, May 07, 2024

It’s Everywhere!

Thanks to the right-wing evangelicals it is spreading around the world! It is like a plague it carried all around the world by hate.
Thousands of protestors joined together in Paris and other French cities – as well as cities in Belgium – to protest transphobia of all kinds in an awe-inspiring trans rights rally.
The Pink News
By Amelia Hansford
May 6, 2024

Demonstrators across over 50 cities in France and Belgium protested what organisers called an “offensive” against trans people during a Sunday (5 May) protest.

Over 800 groups called for the demonstrations after right-wing senators in France proposed legislation that would mark the return of “conversion therapy” and mitigate trans rights in the country.

According to France’s Interior Ministry, approximately 10,880 people demonstrated across the European country on Sunday, with at least 2,500 protestors gathering at the Place de la Republique in Paris.

Demonstrators could be heard chanting pro-trans slogans and calling for solidarity with trans people all over the world.
It spreads like slime on a swamp, we are like the Jews in the 1930s, used to stir up hate and anger to rally there voting base.
“This is our daily life,” one of the organisers told France 24. “Today, there is an urgent need to defend the rights of all people at a time when right-wing and far-right politicians are attacking the rights of trans people and disseminating false information about trans-identifying children.”
Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia also rank poorly on LGBTQ rights, and of course Russia. And now France. It is spreading!
“In the face of these attacks whose disastrous consequences we are aware of in the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia, we need to build a broad front and to place the defence of trans rights in a global response,” a statement continued.
It has become a global problem for the LGBTQ+ community, all the advances we have made is now on the chopping block. They are using up to rile up their base to get them to vote using our success to generate fear of us.
By Conor Murray
June 7, 2023

Some businesses in countries from South Africa to the United Kingdom face criticism for their LGBTQ Pride marketing campaigns and are being slammed as “woke”—an American term co-opted and exported as more right-wing activists target businesses that celebrate Pride Month or a range of progressive causes.


South African fashion retailer Woolworths tweeted in support of International Pride Month on June 1, voicing a commitment to “better serve our LGBTQIA+ people and customers” and citing initiatives like creating an internal Pride task team, creating Pride merchandise and adapting its dress policy for employees to accommodate for gender identity, religious and cultural needs.

The tweet outraged some South African consumers who branded the company “woke” and said they would no longer shop there.


New Zealand retailer The Warehouse faced similar online backlash, reportedly for selling items from Disney’s pride collection, which included a rainbow-colored silhouette of Mickey Mouse and rainbow pens and pencils.
The right-wingers have found a way to power and it is over our bodies.

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