Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Hate Is Taking A Toll

When you are worried about your survival everyday it takes a toll on your health, in today’s climate there are a lot of trans people are in fear of losing their jobs, housing, and being able to go out in public without being harassed and discriminated against.
Suicide hotline calls quadrupled after Trump’s latest attack on transgender people
LGBTQ Nation
By Alex Bollinger
October 29, 2018

Trans Lifeline, an organization that runs a crisis hotline for transgender people and staffed by transgender people, said that calls to their suicide hotline have quadrupled since the story broke that the Trump administration is trying to legally erase transgender identity.

In an Instagram post, Trans Lifeline reported that calls increased by four times last week, and first-time callers doubled.
“At Trans Lifeline we are able see in real time that policy debates don’t take place in a vacuum — they have direct and immediate impacts on real lives,” Trans Lifeline Executive Director Sam Ames told Teen Vogue.

“Since the HHS memo was leaked, the number of calls to our crisis hotline has more than quadrupled, doubling the number of new callers who have never needed to access our services before. This is bad news, but it isn’t new news.”

Ames said that the organization also noticed an increase in calls from Massachusetts, where a referendum on transgender rights will appear on ballots next week.
When Trump was elected there was also an increase in fears in the trans community.

This is exactly what Trump and the Republicans want, they want to instill fear in us, they want to force us back into the closet.

Face it; the Republicans don’t care about us. The only thing they care about is money and power.

End the fear! VOTE!

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  1. get the House of Representatives back and impeach!!