Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fantasia Fair Day 6

Friday was Follies Day.

As usual I went up to P’town for lunch and on Friday from the list of restaurants to choose from I picked the Crown and Anchor because they had New England Clam Chowder and Fish & Chips. The Clam Chowder was “good” but not great. And the fish & chip… well I give it thumbs down, the problem was they kept the fish warm in a steamer and it was soggy. Tin Pan Alley made each fish & chips to order in a fryer and didn’t keep them warm in a steamer.

The keynote was Mason Dunn from the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and he talked about Question 3. As I have written many times we are in trouble in Massachusetts, on the ballot is the question of our human rights and the opposition have a big war chest to spread their fear and hate. And that is exactly what they are doing if you have seen any of their ads, they are vile! They go for the juggler; they call us perverts, and sexual predators.

This is not the time to sit on your ass and do nothing!

Even though we are ahead in the polls it doesn’t mean anything, all the hate and lies will come out in the next couple of weeks in a last rush to stir up the fear of us. Most voters don’t make-up their mind until the last few days. Many voters don’t vote on the ballot questions. It is all going to boil down to who can get the most people to vote on Question 3.

They need our help, if you live in Massachusetts, they need volunteers, they need help with phone banks, they need to go door-to-door, they need people to write letters-to-the-editors, and most of all they need donations to run counter ads against the lies.

Visit “Yes on 3 – Take Action” for way to help and get involved!

And vote “Yes on 3!”

After the keynote I went back to my cottage and cooked dinner


In the evening was the Follies!

I attended the first half of the show and left at intermission, not because I don’t like but because I was awake at 3 AM and I was getting very tired.

They started the show off with a band and ended the first half with the band, and from my untrained ear they sounded pretty good.

One of the good acts was a magic act; I am still trying to figure out how she got the dollar bill in the lemon. I did notice how she changed the dollar bill to a slip of paper but I have no idea how she got the bill into the lemon.

Tonight is the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective’s One Big Event their main fundraiser of the year and it will be the first time in a long time that I will be missing the event.

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