Monday, October 08, 2018

Too Far?

We have hate crime laws here in the U.S. that protect LGBT people on the local, state, and federal levels and they can involve jail time.
Switzerland votes to send people to prison for homophobia and transphobia
By  Ella Braidwood
2nd October 2018

Switzerland has voted to make homophobic and transphobic crimes punishable with up to a three year prison sentence.

The National Council voted to criminalise homophobic and transphobic acts, putting it on a par with the way the country treats racism.

The council voted 118 for and 60 against to introduce a prison sentence for homophobia and transphobia.

However, the motion still needs to be passed by the Council of States before it can become law.
Here in the U.S. it is very hard to prove a hate crime because it goes to motive, unless they use derogatory statements like using f****t, or words.

Just because they attacked a trans person or a gay or lesbian doesn’t automatically make it a hate crime.

I am at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s place for the next couple of days so my blog has been pre-written for the next couple of days.

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