Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Get Out The Vote!

It is only a few weeks away and there seems to be popular support to vote “Yes on 3.” I saw this sign on my way to my cottage in Wellfleet and hopefully it is one of many.

The public accommodation law seems to have wide appeal among legislators and candidates on both sides of the aisle.
Transgender ballot question backed by governor, local politicians
The Sun Chronicle
By Jim Hand
October 9, 2018

Gov. Charlie Baker won’t get an argument from local candidates of both parties when it comes to his stance of maintaining transgender rights.

Baker on Friday came out in favor on a “yes” vote on Question 3, which would uphold a 2016 law protecting rights such as access to the public bathrooms transgender people feel most comfortable with.
Jay Gonzalez, Baker’s Democratic challenger for governor, said on his website that he also supports a yes vote on Question 3.

“We cannot go backwards. I strongly oppose the efforts seeking to roll back these critical protections and strongly support upholding them,” he said.

Locally, Democratic and Republican candidates voiced their support for the governor’s stance.

“This is not a partisan issue, but rather a question of our values as human beings,” state Sen. Paul Feeney, D-Foxboro, said.
Feeney’s Republican opponent, Jacob Ventura of Attleboro, has a similar position.
State Rep. Jim Hawkins, D-Attleboro, said he supports a range of issues in support of gay and transgender rights, including the bathroom bill.
Republican challenger Julie Hall, an Air Force veteran, said she applauds the governor’s stand and supports keeping the protections in place.
It is good for us that there is bipartisan support, now if only the votes feel the same way on November 6th.

If you want to help visit Freedom Massachusetts website and they have ways to can help.

Our rights hinge on voter turnout and voting on Question 3… Get Out and Vote!

Update 4:00PM

I came across this article about canvasing for Question 3
Transgender ballot activists make their pitch: ‘I’m a human being’
Boston Globe
By Stephanie Ebbert
October 9, 2018

In a twist on the traditional political canvass — in which volunteers knock on voters’ doors to pitch a political cause or candidate — many of the people out campaigning this election year are the cause. Transgender individuals are visiting key neighborhoods to drum up support for Question 3, the ballot question that will determine whether a 2016 state law continues to protect them from discrimination in such public places as restaurants and restrooms.

As such, they find themselves personally lobbying not for some abstract political ideology but for the circumstances by which they get through their daily lives: where they’ll shop, where they’ll eat, where they will go to the bathroom.
“Is there anyone in particular you’ll be thinking of when you cast your vote?” Rogers asked.

The woman barely missed a beat before answering, “You.”
It makes a difference when we go out to canvas, for many we might be the first trans person that thy have knowing met and it could make a difference between a No vote and a Yes vote.

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