Monday, October 15, 2018

I Remember…

...Back when we were trying to pass the Connecticut gender inclusive non-discrimination bill, at the hearing a Republican legislator said we would transition to save money on insurance.
Transgender woman shocked by higher car insurance rates for women in Michigan
Her rate jumped almost $1,000 after sex change.
By Kim Russell
October 8, 2018

(WXYZ) - She says her ability to drive didn’t change when she transitioned from life as a man to life as a woman, but her insurance rates sure did.

Faith Frances asked that we use her first and middle name and omit her last name to protect her privacy.

She thought she was the victim of discrimination against transgender people. When she fought for justice, she learned she is the victim of legal discrimination all women in Michigan are subject to.

It is an issue we exposed. Car insurance companies are allowed to charge women a lot more for car insurance, simply because they are women

Faith contacted her insurance company because she changed her legal name. She never imagined it would skyrocket her car insurance prices $970.08 - almost $1000 a year.

“I don’t know. What do they think? My breasts get in the way of driving? I don’t know,” said Faith.

She jokes, but it is serious.  That $80 is a significant chunk of her income.
Maybe it is time for her to look for a different insurance company; mine went down by $400 a year when I transitioned.

But seriously we are in a unique place to judge gender bias and male privilege.

Why is it when I brought in the same blouse as a women it costed more to get it dry cleaned? Why do women razors cost more, the only difference that I see is that the women’s razors are made of pink plastic?

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  1. During the earlier days of my coming out, my wife and I were trying to figure how we could make this work in our relationship. She told me that it seemed I only wanted to experience the fun part of being a woman. That was the exact time I made the decision to transition. I am willing to take the bad (or as much of it that I physically can) along with the good. I have already been subjected to a lower wage than my male counterparts, for example. Still, I fully realize that I don't automatically get another five years added to my life expectancy.