Thursday, October 25, 2018

Stop The Hate

That question is something I always wonder why the conservatives are so angry at us.
Right-Wing Fantasies About Gender Are Killing Trans People
Truth Out
By Dean Spade
October 22, 2018

The Trump administration’s latest attack on trans people is the most terrifying yet: The Health and Human Services Department is now planning to establish a retrograde definition of gender aimed at making whatever gender is assigned at birth unchangeable, according to a memo leaked to The New York Times.

For the last 16 years, I have been involved with efforts to reduce the enforcement of gender categories on trans people and everyone. When I started doing this work in 2002, many state and local agencies and federal administrative regimes that keep gender marker data about people didn’t have clear policies, or didn’t have any policy at all, about whether someone could change their gender marker, or even what evidence or documentation the gender marker on someone’s records or ID is based on. As trans legal organizations began to emerge in the early 2000s, we worked to identify ways to reduce the harms trans people face because of gender norm enforcement.
The administration’s attack should be understood not only as an attack on trans people, which it is, but also as part of a broader, terrifying approach to race, gender and authority that characterizes the entire presidency. This memo shows how the administration aims to enhance the significance of legal gender and establish narrow definitions to enforce it, which is part of a broader agenda to roll back feminist reforms. One of the most fundamental assertions of feminism is that the meaning of gender categories is socially constructed and enforced through norms, and that gender assignments should not determine how and what people can be, and do.

The Health and Human Services memo leak is aligned with a broader patriarchal and authoritarian ideology about enforcing a gendered worldview that constrains everyone, especially those most touched by state systems that target and control the lives of poor people and people of color. This new move dovetails with the administration’s work to embolden and expand resources to the military, police and immigration enforcement. All of this strengthens the violent enforcement of race, gender and class hierarchies in our lives. All of them will directly result in increased sexual and gender violence in the lives of the poorest people.
If you are white and well off the effects of Trump policies will be minimal, however if you a black, Latino, or another minority you will feel the effects of his draconian proposed polices much, much more.

If you are sick or disabled you will also feel the results of his polices in your healthcare.

If you are student you will strongly feel the results of Trump’s polices.
We are in a very desperate time. Government agencies have always enforced laws and policies in ways that have endangered marginalized groups, but the Trump administration is ramping this up on all fronts. Many people have felt powerless, watching the Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court, the passing of the outrageous defense budget, the ongoing attacks on immigrants and imprisonment of migrant children, pipeline expansion and more. It is especially important in these moments to connect to what we can do, in our immediate surroundings, to support the people most harmed by these developments, and to strengthen community ties and fight isolation by figuring out problems and meeting needs together. Trump’s attacks are not slowing down, and we all have skin in the game. This is the moment to turn our fear and rage into immediate action to support the survival of everyone in our communities—including trans people—whose existence is threatened.
We cannot allow Trump to teardown each of us separately we must untied with other minorities.

We must work for candidates who support us.

Write letter-to-the-editors.

Work for candidates and parties.

We must speak up when we hear hate.

We must vote!

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