Wednesday, October 10, 2018

All Is Fair In Love In War…

…And in politics some politicians think that is true.

I guess some Republicans just don’t care if they steal a person’s photo as long as it gets them vote.
California Republican steals transgender veteran’s photo for campaign attack
Both candidates actually oppose transgender military service.
By Zack Ford
October 9, 2018

In California’s 8th Congressional District, which spans much of the state’s border with Nevada, two Republicans are in a heated race for the seat. The challenger, Tim Donnelly, has a new billboard campaign attacking incumbent Rep. Paul Cook for his vote on transgender military service, and it uses a photo of a transgender veteran without her permission.

In bold text, the billboard shouts, “Ask Paul Cook Why He Voted To Allow Our Military Funds To Be Used For Sex-Change Surgeries!” It includes a photo of Allison Hannan stolen from an OUT Magazine feature about transgender veterans. According to the Los Angeles Blade, neither Hannon, photographer Cassidy DuHon, nor OUT gave Donnelly permission to use the photo.

The attack likely refers to a 2017 amendment to the defense spending bill that would have prohibited the military from funding any medical treatment related to gender transition. Cook was one of nearly two dozen congressional Republicans who helped defeat the amendment in a tight 209–214 vote.
And Ms. Hannan had this to say…
Hannan, who lives in a rural farming township in New Jersey, told the Blade that she was aghast to see her picture used in the ad. “I feel soiled that my image was used to advance the campaign of a homophobe/transphobe and my face is on a billboard next to a hateful message,” she said.
Still, she is offended by the underlying message of the ad: that transgender people are somehow of less value to the military. “What bugs me to no end is that my honorable service, like the others who have served honorably, is somehow devalued because of who we are,” she told the Blade.
It seems like in the candidates battle they don’t care about collateral victims… the almighty vote is all that counts.

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