Monday, October 29, 2018

A Cis Ally

The more hate that Trump stirs up the more allies step up to defend us.

People are beginning to see the hate that Trump is stirring up and not liking it and I think that the turning point was the horrible shooting at the synagogue people are being to see the hate that this administration and the Republicans are creating.

(Please forgive his use of transgendered, he is trying to understand)
Transgender people in danger of being Trumped (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN)
By Jeff Edelstein
October 29, 2018

I’m not a transgendered person. I’m a regular ol’ dude. I have a dude brain and it matches my dude plumbing. But it doesn’t take a giant leap to imagine what it might be like to not match. There are people in this world who feel as if they are in the wrong body.

Honestly, I’m glad I’m not one of them. Seems like a ton of trouble, frankly. Seems like a fight I wouldn’t be up for.

But just because I’m not transgendered doesn’t mean I can’t empathize with the plight of a transgendered person. I can take a step back from my cisWhateverness and be able to put myself in a transgendered person’s shoes, which, I’m guessing, are more fabulous than mine.

I’m quite confident people who are transgendered, who are biologically male or female but identify as the opposite, aren’t choosing who they are. They just are. And the least we could do is let them live their life without judgement based on whether or not they think of themselves as a boy or a girl.

After all, why should we care?
I don’t know who to believe on this issue. Doctors, who in some cases spend their careers dealing with this, or Donald Trump. Boy, it’s close.

Furthermore, Trump and Co. want to roll back the civil rights protections granted to transgender people during the Obama years.

Honestly, I’m fine with rolling back the civil rights protections. Transgender people should have no more rights than blue-is-my-favorite-color people [He used as an example discriminating against people who like the color blue].

Only problem? Transgendered people are discriminated against all the time, in nearly every facet of their life. Last I checked, us “Blue rulez!” folks are not. So yeah: I hate the idea of “protected groups,” but only because I can’t believe that 21st century America still is dealing with the issue of having to have protected groups.

To be clear: If you discriminate against someone because their sex organs don’t jibe with their innate who’ness, the problem is with you, not them. Grow up.
We need more allies like him

We have to cut some slack as allies try to understand, we cannot push them away because they use words at first that some find offensive… we need to educate.

We can make potential allies into detractor.

A number of years ago a woman was trying to understand us, I was making headway in her understanding, she actually proofread one of my term papers on gender dysphoria for a class that I was taking for my MSW. Then in one comment on my blog she used the word “transvestite” and a number of trans people jumped all over her case for using a word that she didn’t know was offensive to us. She never posted another comment or emailed me again.

This is a troubling time we are going through we will need all the allies that we can get. In Massachusetts it will not be trans people that vote for keeping the public accommodation law it will be our allies who vote for keeping the law.

Let’s build allies!

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  1. Maytot is your own hate that has blinded you to all the good that Trump has accomplished.
    Remember Trump was elected to clean up the lies and corruption left over from the last administration. Sadly our American press Corp has been taken over by the Swamp People in Washington. Little wonder you are so lost in your own hatred. No need to publish, this is for you.