Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fantasia Fair Day -1

I came up today to the cottage and there was light rain all the way but in the afternoon the sun came out and some friends from Long Island stopped. We went out to eat at a nice restaurant in Wellfleet called Van Rensselaer.

I had a pomegranate martini before dinner and my goal tonight is to make it to nine; tomorrow I have to go into P’town and register for the fair. Monday I have to go to the town hall to pay my taxes.

Today was the first day of Wellfleet’s Oyster Festival and they usually attract around 10,000 people for the two day event. Wellfleet is known for their oysters and the harbor is full of oyster beds. Those who are heading up to P’town for Fan Fair curse the traffic but for the town folk it is a blessing. But the traffic is really no worse than the summer traffic.

I bought my cottage in Wellfleet in mid-April and I have been to a number of restaurants in the area and this one is very friendly and I have had no problems there being an “Out” trans person, however in one pizza place in Wellfleet I did have a problem. The whole kitchen staff had to come out and gawk at me but other than that one restaurant I haven’t had any problems in town. My neighbors are friendly and the owners of the other condo came over with a plate of oysters as a welcoming gift.

Here in Massachusetts there is a referendum on whether we can go out in public and I think the best way that I can lobby for Question 3 is to just be myself and live my life.

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