Thursday, October 04, 2018

One Of The Reasons

One of the reasons the Republicans want to cram through Kavanaugh nomination is that there are a number of LGBT human rights cases coming before the Supreme Court this year.
The Supreme Court is pushing off major LGBTQ cases while they wait for Kavanaugh
LGBTQ Nation
By John Gallagher
September 28, 2018

There are many reasons why Republicans have decided to, in Sen. Mitch McConnell words, “plow right through” with Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. One is the specter of losing the Senate in the upcoming midterms and thus losing the chance to confirm a conservative nominee. Another is the fear that there are other vomit-covered, sexually aggressive skeletons in Kavanaugh’s closet.

But the main one is that Kavanaugh will tip the Court in conservatives’ favor. With the Supreme Court preparing to start its latest session on Monday, the justices are now evenly divided between liberals and conservatives. In the event of a tie, the lower court ruling stands.

In a tacit acknowledgment that the justices may not reach a definitive decision, the Court has pulled a number of high-profile cases from its early docket. Chief among them were two cases that will determine whether federal law prevents workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Trump masters want to make sure we don’t have protection. The Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council has as their first goal is to overturn marriage equality, and take away our hard earned rights.

They also want to ban abortions, passing a tougher “Religious Freedom” law, and there have been talk about overturning the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX.

This is the Republicans “wet dream” having an ultra-right Supreme Court.

Back in 2016 I warned of having a Republican controlled Congress and presidency how they would pack the Supreme Court if Trump got elected…well my worst fears is coming to fruition.

In September 2016 I wrote…
In this year’s election remember that whoever wins the election will be appointing maybe up to three Supreme Court justices and a good number of lower court judges that the Republican controlled Senate has refused to confirm. All the gains nationally that we have made is the result of court rulings that are set to be challenged before the Supreme Court, we will learn on Monday if the court will hear the cases or let the lower court rulings stand.

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  1. The root problem is that, for decades, Congress has refused to do the hardest thing...write legislation. It would be perfectly legal and pass constitutional muster to write/pass LGBT-friendly legislation. Everything is executive orders... which change with the President. With no one legislating, way too much power is invested in SCOTUS nominees...hence the Circle of Hell we are living through. Ha ha