Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Three Way Race

Our voting system is not set up for a three way elections when we do have 3 way elections we end up with governors like Maine’s LePage. We end up with elected offices with less than 50% of the voters voting for them.

In countries like Austria, Brazil, Finland, Poland, and Portugal all have two round elections were there is a runoff of candidates with the two highest votes.

Here in Connecticut we have a three way race and that means that there is a possibility of a candidate with less than 50% of the votes winning. The third party candidate will syphon off votes from the other candidates and it will depend on how many are draw off from the Democrat or Republican candidates. From the polls so far it looks like Oz Griebel the Independent candidate is drawing more from the Democratic Party candidate Lamont.

An article in the Hartford Courant reports that,
Lamont holds a lead of 3.4 percentage points, but the margin of error in the Sacred Heart University/Hearst Connecticut Media poll is 4.3 percentage points.

The survey of likely voters showed 39.5 percent for Lamont, 36.1 percent for Stefanowski and 8.4 percent for independent Oz Griebel. Another 15 percent said they were undecided.
Where are the 8.4% that are voting for Griebel coming from Lamont or Stefanowski?

My guess is that the voters are coming from voters who would have normally voted form Lamont.

Both Griebel and Lamont are pretty much have the same agenda, while Stefanowski is a radical far right Republican who idolizes Trump.

Stefanowski wants to do away with the income tax but hasn’t said where he is going to cut ten billion dollars out of the budget which is half of Connecticut’s budget.

In the second debate a clue emerged, he said this about the Department of Motor Vehicles “…with the help of the private sector.” i.e. privatizing the DMV.

His “Plan” I believe to privatize the DMV, DSS, DCF, and other state agencies so his billionaire friends can make a killing and the workers get minimum wages (which by the way he wants to repeal). As Trump suggested in his State-of-the –Union Address to sell off our roads to the highest bidders like other Republicans governors like in Indiana have done to disastrous results.

Also Stefanowski has not answered any question during the debates about LGBT human rights, he answered vaguely about being in favor of all people rights… that sounded like code words for “religious freedom.”

As trans people, as gays and lesbians, Bi, and queer people we have to fight for our lives.

If you do not vote, if you do not Blue because you don’t like either candidate, or if you vote for a third party candidate you are allowing Red to win.

Remember LePage got in because of a three candidate election.

Trump got in because people voted for third party candidates or people didn’t bother to vote.

We need everyone to vote and vote Blue, we need to make sure that the Republicans do not gain control of the Connecticut governorship and legislature. Our lives depend upon it.

I admit it... I am scared.

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