Sunday, October 28, 2018

Junk Science

How many times have you seen comments saying gender is just chromosomes?
The Idea of a 'DNA Test' for Transgender People Is Part of a Long, Dark History
By Jeffrey Kluger
October 25, 2018

Science is too busy holding the universe together to care about politics. Greenhouse gases will continue contributing to climate change and vaccines will continue not causing autism, whether you believe it or not.

None of that means that politicians and ideologues won’t keep trying to drag science into their fights. The latest example of this unlovely truth occurred just this week, when the New York Times reported the existence of a memo drafted by the Department of Health and Human Services that would, if the changes it details were implemented, effectively roll back civil protections for transgender people by defining gender as a fixed biological trait, determined by genitalia at birth. The only exception, the memo reportedly states, would be if the male or female label could be “rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.”

But, as decades of scientific research have shown, that kind of test does not remotely exist. It likely never will.
The proposed HHS rule thus sets up a neatly circular trap—establishing a standard that can never be met and ending the conversation before it can begin. Don’t blame the policy, it’s the science talking.
And we are the ones caught in this trap.

If it wasn’t so lethal to us it should be interesting to see how plays out in court with state rights to determine the gender of their citizens as the Trump policy will put the federal government in direct conflict with state’s rights.

My birth certificate says I’m female; my DNA says… well I don’t know what it says because I never had it checked. My federal documents all say I’m female… will the feds force us to have DNA tests. And wouldn’t mean that they have to test everyone because of the Fourteenth Amendment?

Trump I think once again is going to face a long court battle just like the rules for trans people in the military and will end up in the Supreme Court with justice Kavanaugh on the bench now.

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