Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Why Is Pride Necessary.

For those who wonder why we need Pride events, here are some comments on Yahoo about a discrimination court case that is being heard…
Why do these alpha bets insist on going to these places of business when they could to a 100 other bakeries?  It’s not so much the cake as it is to force their views and agenda on the business owner

We have to get these people some mental health assistance. Indulging their fantasy life is not helping them. I know we can't force them to get help but we should not be playing along. 2+2 does not equal 5!

The dangler/fruitypebbles crowd do not want freedom to be whatever the heck they are. They want "freedom" to force everyone else to grovel before them. 62

The GBT mafia will continue to drag businesses through the courts as a means of making "the process is the punishment" revenge.

It's a shame that the baker has to play a religion card to protect himself against a fruit card. He should be able to "no soup" anybody he wants.
I rest my case. 

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  1. In the "Good Old USA" the Constitution allows anyone and everyone to worship as they please which also means one can create a house of worship with tenants of faith that exclude anyone they choose. So, create your church and then post a sign in your front window of your store that states "________,Keep Out! Insert whatever group you hate. BTW, Jesus did not says anything about any LGBTQ+ person.