Monday, June 17, 2024

In Their Eyes.


I was watching PBS Rick Steves' Europe: The Story of Fascism in Europe and it got me to thinking.

Why is the far right so hateful of us?

And what dawned on me is that they are afraid of us. But more importantly they are afraid of change and in their simplistic eyes we represent change. They see the world in them vs. us. Everything bad in the world is caused by “us.”

They see…
Interracial marriage,
The pill,
Trans people,
Gays and lesbians,
As the cause of all the world ills.

They see the only education a perosn needs are the 3R’s… Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic everything else changes the world with too much education. Education teaches liberalism!

They see us as choosing to be trans or gay, that we wake up one day and “Gee I think it will be fun being beaten by a 2 by 4, I want to be discriminated against.”
In their minds...
They still see gender in the 1930s view of XX = girl XY = boy. Period.
They still think that boys and girls should remain celibate until marriage.
They still think that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and not in the Boardroom.
They still think that Blacks are an inferior race.
They still think that interracial marriage is wrong.
They still think that same-sex marriage is an abomination.
They think that everything is the fault of liberals, that they are bring about change and change is evil.
The Republicans are using that fear to get votes, they are preying on them fear of things new, that the Republicans are the only ones who can control change.

In order for the Democrats to win in the fall they have to counter that fear.

They can do no wrong in their eyes as long as they believe a supreme religious deity or their hate is so deep that they want to cause harm. Yesterday there was an incident of a chemical agent being released at a Pride Parade. No one knows at this time if it was done on purpose to disrupt the celebrations or if it was a fight that broke out between gangs or protesters. The motive is unknown.

The incident reminded me of something thqt happened at a marriage equality rally at the state capitol. I was at the rally that was held at the capitol while the bill was being debated in the legislature.

Some kid left a jar of holly water on the steps on the north side of the building where the rally was there when the police came and closed down the rally… go get out! Leave! With no explanation. A lot of people were angry not knowing why but later in the news that night it was reported that the kid left the jar of blessed holly water on the steps. Because he thought god would end all the sinners blasphemy with the holly water.

It did. But it was because the police thought it might be some type of explosives device. And now when I hear about what happened at Baltimore Pride, the first thing that comes to mind is… “Was this done by some religious fanatic or a hate group?”


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