Monday, June 24, 2024

Who's Trans And Whose Not Trans.

Okay here is a pop quiz.

I will give you my answers next week.

You can see my analysis of the results here.


  1. Not enough info on the last two questions - Does the individual say they identify as trans? Gender Expression does not equate to Gender Identity. Can't guess at Identity with the only info available is on how they dress. If they say they identify as Trans, then yes, otherwise no.

  2. I wish you had included 'Maybe' in the polls, and the questions? Are a bit problematic. You know I am Intersex/slash/Transgender. I know we're rare but we do exist. Can a Cis-Het-Man take Androgen Suppressors and Estrogen? Yes, sometimes that is part of the treatment for Male Reproductive Cancers. If they are put on those, every time I've encountered a man dealing with Reproductive Cancer they are a miserable lot. Can a Cis-Het person get something like Bottom Surgery? Yes, often it is the result of accident, cancer, medical defect, or warfare. As weird as it sounds, it's done to preserve tissues for later surgeries and at times to preserve sexual functionality. So, yeah... sometimes the answer is 'Maybe'.

  3. A person is trans if they identify as trans. Who are we to decide whether or not someone is trans based on the above scenarios without knowing the subject's identity?

  4. Richard Nelson6/24/24, 5:21 PM

    In Transgender Warriors, Leslie Feinberg defines "transgender" as a very broad umbrella, including all "people who cross the cultural boundaries of gender"—including butch dykes, passing women (those who passed as men only in order to find work or survive during war), and drag queens. I think that is why so many people fear the trans community because folks cross the boundaries that the straights have set up.
    I think it is important to note, “all people who cross the cultural boundaries of gender.” Who are any of us to say that some people are, and some aren’t transgender. As we remember, one time, Diana, you wrote about the Gender Identity and expression bill that was passed in Ct. Jerimarie demanded that no one be left out. Leaving out anyone is a fascist game to split and divide. It is also the game of I am, you are not. We are hardly going to win freedom with attitudes like that. I am a political Queer Cis man who has fought long and hard for Transgender rights and I see it as Feinberg said as “a very broad umbrella.”
    I also find it very odd that the majority of people do not think that a person who crosses dresses to do drag isn't Trans. Well, if we look at Feinberg's definition they are. That vote is troubling as perhaps it will cause some to say, the heck with the drag queen let the fascists do what they want with them. They are today on the front lines of the fight against fascism as they have always been on the front lines in the demand for freedom. This isn't the time to limit ourselves to who is or who isn't.

  5. I did not take the poll. I've always been of the opinion that one should articulate their views/opinions in complete sentences and paragraphs. Each question offers a statement of fact and nothing more. The problem in society right now is everyone wants to boil a complex issue down to one word.

    1. I’m sorry but I’m doing the best I can overcoming Dyslexia all my life. Yes, my grammar might not be perfect, I might use the wrong word… but I try.

    2. Richard Nelson6/25/24, 7:31 AM

      As far as I am concerned you never have a need to apologize. Even with Dyslexia you have done more to advance the people than most folks ever have. Continue the good fight and one thing I know from the queer elder you have taught me so much and I think your blog is one of the most important blogs being written in Connecticut today. Continue being just the way you are a fighter for liberation and freedom for Transgender people. Continue to ring the warning bell and please continue to publish on this site. A big thank you.