Friday, June 14, 2024

We Lost A Pioneer

On Tuesday I wrote the passing of Lynn Conway, now the mainstream news media picked up on her death.
Lynn Conway, microchip pioneer and trans rights advocate, dies at 86
After confiding to supervisors that she was transgender, she was fired from IBM. She later helped popularize a radically simplified method for microchip design.
Washington Post
Column: Lynn Conway, leading computer scientist and transgender pioneer, dies at 86
Los Angles Times
Lynn Conway, microchip pioneer who overcame transgender discrimination, dies at 86
AP News
Microchip pioneer and transgender activist Lynn Conway dies
Silicon Republic
‘The bravest person I ever knew’: Transgender computing pioneer Lynn Conway dies at 86
Born in a time when gender variance was violently suppressed, Lynn Conway helped invent the modern world – and ultimately found lasting happiness
I looked for her obit in the conservative media and couldn’t find any, I asked Perplexity AI…
While her life story and accomplishments were widely reported by mainstream media outlets, the search results do not indicate whether conservative media specifically covered her passing.
Chat GPT AI answered…
The death of Lynn Conway, a pioneering computer scientist and transgender activist, has not been extensively covered by major conservative media outlets. Most of the coverage has come from mainstream and progressive media sources, reflecting Conway's significant impact on both the tech industry and LGBTQ+ rights.

Townhall, a prominent conservative media site, did not feature any articles about Lynn Conway's death as of now​ (Townhall)​. Similarly, The Daily Signal, another conservative outlet, did not report on Conway's passing either​ (The Daily Signal)​.
Here she was one of the greatest computer pioneers and was awarded major recognition for her work but she doesn’t fit into the conservative view of us as degenerates. The right-wing media don’t want people to know about our success stories.

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