Friday, June 21, 2024

Bit Off More Than They Can Chew

I can think of so many cliché about the Republicans getting so upset over Dolly Parton support of the LGBTQ+ community. Now she has been a supporter of us for decades but just now the right-wingers are hopping mad over her!
By Allison Hope
June 19, 2024

The most uncancellable person in US History — iconic American singer, songwriter and actress, Dolly Parton — has been caught in the crosshairs of cancel culture.

The country legend, also affectionately known as “The iron butterfly,” “The Smoky Mountain songbird” and “The backwoods Barbie,” among other priceless nicknames, has a blockbuster career that spans more than half a century and boasts more than 100 million records sold globally. Parton is, by all accounts, the top female country music singer of all time.


Conservative writer Ericka Andersen wrote earlier this month in the Federalist that Parton’s support of the LGBTQ community was “false gospel.” Andersen specifically said that Parton’s invoking her Christianity as the reason she is inclusive, is wrong (the writer refers to being LGBTQ as “immoral sexual behavior” and “unaligned with God’s vision for humanity”).

The post caused a windfall of right-wing vitriol aimed at Parton. Many people rallied behind the homophobic outcry while a huge contingent defended Parton. (“They came for Dolly. We ride at dawn,” one fan wrote.)
You know that this whole feign outrage is showing the truth about the conservatives that they attack a beloved person because she love everyone and doesn’t hate anyone.
Parton has long supported the LGBTQ community. She has not been afraid to stand on the stage at LGBTQ events and share that we ought to stop judging and love everyone. She has also risen above the catfighting that country music artists often spew in their lyrics and backstage and instead, shared something distinct — kindness. Her top hit, “Jolene,” is so kind in its portrayal of another woman, that academics have analyzed it as an encoded lesbian song.
Salon writes,
It was inevitable that Republicans would go after Dolly Parton. Under the leadership of Donald "Make America Great Again" Trump, Republicans have grown to loathe most everything they used to hold in high regard. Forget patriotism — nowadays, Trump rallies are replete with claims that the United States is a "s__thole." The Super Bowl is now derided as an "election interference psyop." Once-beloved Budweiser beer has become a hate object. The same conservative forces who used to pretend they were defending American icons like Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head from imaginary "cancelation" are now mostly in the business of canceling anything and everything that Americans might enjoy.
Edward R. Murrow asked once of Sen McCarthy “Have you no sense of decency.”  the HuffPost wrote,
On March 9th, 1954, Murrow—who was then perhaps the country's most highly revered journalist—devoted an entire episode of his CBS program "See it Now" to the words and deeds of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who had already done much to earn his notorious place in history. Using McCarthy's own statements, Murrow painted a picture of a man whose recklessness with the truth and ugly attacks on his critics had contributed to a climate of deep fear and repression in American life.
And now they are attacking country singing legend Dolly Parton. Will this be an Edward R. Murrow moment?

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