Thursday, June 15, 2023

Why Oh Why?

This happened on the way back from the cottage. It was disturbing on many levels.

So I am coming back from the cottage and I go through Voluntown and I usually stop at the Valero gas station to strech my legs and buy a bag of chips.

Now you have to understand Voluntown. The Southern Poverty Law Center usually lists some hate organization in that area, back in the 1968 there was a gun battle at the Voluntown Peace Trust run by the Quakers. Back then New England Committee for Nonviolent Action (CNVA) headquarters was there. You might remember them, Minutemen wanted to attack the Peace trust because they banged the missile hatches on a ballistic submarine at the New London naval base and poured blood on it. The FBI found out about the Minutemen’s attack on the Peace Trust and a gun battle started. Today you can still see the bullet holes in the walls of the Peace Trust.

Now I pull into the gas station and get out of the car.

Two men are pumping gas, one in a Chevy Yukon and another F150 pickup.

I get out of my car and I hear one say to the other… get a load of that f**king freak! … I f**king didn’t join the army for those f**king freaks!

As I come out of the store they are still at it.

I over hear f**king FBI now they are going after Trump, a true patriot! F**k next they’ll going after our guns!

I get in my car and lower the window and make believe I’m doing something.

F**king Biden look at the f**king price a gas it is over a hundred dollars!

I’ll tell we are going to have to defend the country from these freaks and liberals!

I drive off.

What I don’t understand is what was it to them? 

They got pissed off just by seeing me. I am a very out trans person and I have seen and heard many, many negative comments but never one about defending the country from people “like” me. How we have to “take back our country” with guns! I don’t know why they are so virulence about trans people.

These are the people that I am worried about… guns and virulence do not mix. These are the type of people who applaud what happened at Club Q, Pulse, and Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo. These are the people who worship guns and white supremacists, a toxic mixture.

Maybe I am na├»ve but I can’t see wasting your life away hating.

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  1. Richard Nelson6/15/23, 10:28 AM

    First so glad you got away. Second a lot of us freaks fought "defending this country" in wars and now us same freaks are called upon to fight off the likes of these guys as they try to turn this country into a fascist state. They are so twisted in their thinking I don't believe that anything is going to untwist them. Not all Vet's are right wing nuts. There is a group called Task Force Butler fighting against these fascists. I am not sure a link will work here but look them up. All LGBTQI+ and other Veterans should join up with them. Perhaps as a public service message you should do an article about them and their work. They just released a fact finding article about the state of Ct.

    Third: Many years ago as a young person I went down to the NECNA when Bob and Majorie Swan ran the place for draft counseling. Many young men from this area who were interested in peace went there. A great group. It was through them that I met "gay" people in the War Resisters League in NYC. I believe the Catholic Worker folks in Hartford are helping to run the place now.

    Again, I am going to say I am glad that the fools didn't escalate their ignorance and that you were able to drive away and get home safely. Now how can we convince the fluff and trinket crowd that we are not really safe here in Ct. no matter how many kisses the politicians blow to us, no matter how many sweatshop flags are waved, or crosswalks painted, no matter how many pups parades or mom hugs. The Ct. lgbt community had better grow up and understand that war has been declared against us and it is here brewing. What has been going through my mind lately is the words of Storme' at Stonewall when she was being taken out she yelled, "Why don't you guys do something?" I scream it today.