Thursday, June 08, 2023

So You Don’t Think That It Is That Bad.

You think that these anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ laws are trivia and don’t really effect you.

Well Texas just passed a law that forces us off of our hormones! That bans our healthcare.
New York Daily News
By Muri Assunção
June 3, 2023

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday signed into law a bill banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth, making it the 18th and largest state in the nation to enact such a ban.

Senate Bill 14, which passed the state’s Republican-majority legislature last month despite fierce opposition from Democrats, is “vicious,” “cruel” and “blatantly unconstitutional,” according to Ash Hall, policy and advocacy strategist for the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas.

Texas’ GOP-controlled Senate voted 19-12 to approve the bill, while the House — also controlled by Republicans — passed the legislation on an 87-46 vote.

The ban was approved despite the fact that gender-affirming care is considered “a supportive form of health care” that improves “the mental health and overall well-being of gender-diverse children and adolescents,” according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The practice is backed by nearly all major medical associations in the U.S.
Fact don’t mean anything to the Republicans they are on a mission from god, they will not a little thing like truth get in the way of persecution of us.

There is a photo in the article of a teen age activist crying in the galleries as the bill passes, “LGBTQ activist Arywn Heilrayne cries as they listen to the debate over Senate Bill 14 in the Texas House of Representatives Friday, May 12, 2023, in Austin, Texas.” it is so heart breaking to see her crying as her world comes crashing down around her.

The bill itself is disgraceful! Senate Bill 14 reads…
Sec.i164.0552.iiPROHIBITED ACTS REGARDING GENDER TRANSITIONING OR GENDER REASSIGNMENT PROCEDURES AND TREATMENTS ON CERTAIN CHILDREN. (a) The board shall revoke the license or other authorization to practice medicine of a physician who violates Section 161.702, Health and Safety Code. The board shall refuse to admit to examination or refuse to issue a license or renewal license to a person who violates that section. (b)iiThe sanctions provided by Subsection (a) are in addition to any other grounds for revocation of a license or other authorization to practice medicine or for refusal to admit persons to examination under this subtitle or to issue a license or renew a license to practice medicine under this subtitle.


(c)ii A child to whom the exception under Subsection (b) applies: (1)ii shall wean off the prescription drug over a period of time and in a manner that is safe and medically appropriate and that minimizes the risk of complications; and (2)ii may not switch to or begin a course of treatment on another prescription drug that a physician or health care provider is prohibited from providing to the child under Section 161.702 or otherwise receive a procedure or treatment prohibited by that section.
“...shall wean off the prescription drug...” that means our hormones or puberty blockers!

These are mean vengeful laws directed at us by a state government the full force and power is meant to wipe us out of existence. If we go though puberty we will have a life of misery and the incidents of self-harm goes up but the Republicans don’t care because that is exactly what they want… to eradicate us off the face of this earth.

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