Friday, June 09, 2023

We Support Businesses!

Well mostly...
Well mainly...
Well kind of...
Well unless they support the LGBTQ+ community.
MSNBC host Jen Psaki has expertly highlighted something “awkward” about Fox News’ performative fury over businesses that sell Pride merchandise or team up with LGBTQ+ influencers.
The Pink News
 By Harriet Williamson
June 5, 2023

On Sunday (4 June), Psaki, a former White House press secretary for the Biden administration, used her Inside with Jen Psaki show to outline the “contradiction” between Republicans’ “pro-business” values and the recent hysterical right-wing boycotts of companies for “going woke”.

The political commentator also noted that – just two years previously – conservative channel Fox News had actually supported the very same LGBTQ+ organisation they are now attacking retail giant Target for partnering with. 

“So you may have noticed, Republicans really like to pitch themselves as the pro-business, anti-cancel culture party – but they have a big carve out for businesses that openly promote LGBTQ+ rights,” Psaki said.
Look at the way they have been going after Disney just because they spoke out against what they thought were unjust laws. If businesses are against the environmental laws, they are Republican friends. They hugs you if to are against taxes. But support “Gay Rights! Get away from me you little…”
After briefly outlining the fact that LGBTQ-supportive marketing and merchandise is not new and that brands like Bud Light and Target have been selling Pride-themed items for many years without issue, Psaki asked: “So why the amplified outrage in this moment?”

The political commentator suggested that the “modern day American right” are ”desperately trying to draw new battle lines in their culture war”.

“They’re searching for them,” Psaki continued. “For more than a year, the hard right and media allies have whipped themselves up into a moral panic to the point now that they are enthusiastically rolling back LGBTQ+ rights and regularly using language like indoctrination, grooming and sexualization, to talk about inclusion and the LGBTQ community. 

“It has become such a race to the bottom to decry diversity, equity and inclusion that they are running out of things to be outraged about. They can’t find them. They’re on a search.”
That’s what it is… a race to the bottom. It is a downward spiral as states rush to be the one with the most draconian laws against us.
  • They say they are pro-business but they pass all these laws affecting businesses that support inclusion.
  • They say that they want to get the government out of our lives but they are passing laws that step between us and our doctors.
  • They say that they want to get the government out of our lives but they are passing laws that tell us what to read.
  • They say that they want to get the government out of our lives but they are passing laws on what we can say.
Deadline reported that,
Fox Corp. has received a 100% score for the past several years, something that it has promoted on its website. The distinction is given to companies that “are committed to implementing LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices.”
That kind of says two things; first that Fox talks out of both sides of their mouth, and second how meaningless the Human Right Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index really is! BTW the HRC cut 25 points from Fox so now they only have a 75% score… whoopie doo!
Recent research from GLAAD found that Americans are twice as likely to buy or use a brand that publicly supports and demonstrates a commitment to expanding and protecting LGBTQ+ rights.

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