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How Many Times Have You Heard…

...It is against my religion? Well now we are using it.
The Conversation
By Rosalyn R. LaPier
June 1, 2023

Montana’s Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte became the latest to sign several new anti-transgender laws, including one that will prevent gender-affirming medical care for minors.

One thing these new laws do not take into account is that the 12 federally recognized tribes in Montana have historically recognized multiple gender identities, including transgender identities. Most Indigenous peoples recognize multiple gender identities that are believed to be the result of supernatural intervention.

In this regard, Montana state Rep. Donavon Hawk, a Democrat from Butte who is Crow and Lakota, said, “It surprises me that this country is only a couple hundred years old, and we are not able to function with LGBTQ people in our communities.” Indigenous communities have incorporated LGBTQ+ peoples within their societies for centuries.
It was us the White people who came here and stripped the Indigenous peoples  of their religion.
Indigenous peoples have been in North America for at least 30,000 years. As their societies developed over time, hundreds of different ethnicities, languages, religious practices, gender expressions and identities emerged.


I learned from my maternal grandparents about Blackfeet religion and history. The Blackfeet acknowledged and accepted individual gender expression and identity because it was granted by the divine. Personal gender identity was rarely questioned, because it was tantamount to questioning the divine.
I will not use the term “Two-Spirit” because I am not an Indigenous person and I feel that they own the words.
The modern-day term that many Indigenous peoples in North America have begun to use as an umbrella term to describe the multiple gender identities within Indigenous communities is Two-Spirit. That includes transgender people.


Even though the term Two-Spirit does not encompass the wide variety of gender identities across Indigenous communities, many people embrace its use as a way to revitalize Indigenous traditions.
This will not make any difference to the Republicans but hopefully when it gets to the Supreme Court the court will run on the side of “religious freedom.”
By ignoring the long Indigenous histories of integrating multiple gender identities consecrated by the divine, legislatures are bound to cause both individual suffering and the diminishing of Indigenous peoples’ rights to practice their own religions.

Credit: Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News
CTNewsJunkie via Cagle Cartoons

Who's the groomer?

Who are trying to warp a young person's mind?

CT News Junkie
By Kerri Ana Provost
June 5, 2023

So far this year, there have been 38 book challenges just in Connecticut; last year there were nine. None of these challenges prompt divisive debate. They merely reveal existing divisions caused by pure hatred of queer and trans folks.


The irony is delicious. These transparent attempts to silence and erase LGBTQ youth through deprivation of information were opposed by the public. Those who have long been used to getting their way are no doubt astonished when people who are under attack stand up for themselves instead of vanishing into the shadows. Perhaps both former BOE members will use this opportunity to reflect on how it feels to be mistreated, and going forward, they will practice more hospitality and empathy toward others.
That is what all these book bannings are about and attempt to discriminate! To circumvent Connecticut state law by calling the discrimination “parental rights.”
Nationwide, bigots have targeted Drag Queen Storytime events, which promote literacy and pro-social behaviors. Books read are age appropriate; they are not ones you would find on my nightstand. Last year, such an event was planned for the West Hartford Public Library, but after online bullying, organizers moved it to a Barnes & Noble approximately 20 feet away. This year, similar storytime events have already happened or are planned in June, in smaller towns than West Hartford, including East Hampton, Mansfield, Easton, and Redding. In Guilford, Breakwater Books is hosting a Pride Month Celebration that will have it all, including voter registration and a side of face painting. They are not anticipating any bullying, but should any occur, the independent bookstore says they are prepared to “handle it with dignity and grace because kids will be there and they are always watching and learning.”
They feel that they are somehow on a “Crusade” and they are on a high horse of rightfulness to protect the world from us.
Instead of being taught that their love and place in the community relies on their willingness and ability to conform, they are told – through books, performances, festivals, and more – that every human has inherent value and dignity, and is worthy of being loved. Never for one second did I  consider staying in my small, suffocating hometown, but I am heartened to see the next generation is not necessarily being pushed out from their own. They are going to be able to more freely choose where they want to be, and without sacrificing their personal integrity in order to thrive there.
Who are the real groomers?

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