Sunday, June 18, 2023

This Is One Of Those WOW!

Who saw CBS Sunday Morning this morning?

I was floored when I saw this story on this morning’s show… and I thought Wow, on network TV show.
Six-tenths of a percent (0.006) of all Americans identify as transgender, including about 300,000 teenagers. At least 121,000 trans kids have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria – severe distress, even suicidal thoughts, related to their gender identity. But since 2021, 20 states have enacted full or partial bans of minors receiving care that doctors say could ease suffering and even save their lives. Correspondent Susan Spencer talks with family members trying to help their loved ones, and with the president of a conservative advocacy group working to make health care for trans minors illegal.

4:20 The guy from American Principles Project, Terry Schilling…
The state makes all types of decisions around our children, you have to 21 to smoke cigarettes, you have to be 21 to drink, 18 years old to get a tattoo, but we are going to let children to get cross sex hormones…
This is know as a False Equivalence:
a logical fallacy in which one assumes or asserts that two things are the same or equal when, while alike in some ways, they are not sufficiently similar to be considered equivalent.
So what makes it a false equivalence? 

Do you have to go see a doctor to smoke a cigarette? Do you need to get permission from a doctor to drink alcohol? Do you need to get permission from a doctor to get a tattoo? However, you do to get a doctor to prescribe puberty blockers and hormones.

Second trans children do not start on hormones until they can have informed consent. That is why puberty blockers are given to give them time to make an informed consent. And puberty blockers are 100 percent reversible!

Wikipedia (I am not going to the American Principles Project website!) says this…
The American Principles Project (APP) is a socially conservative 501(c)(4) think tank founded in 2009 by Robert P. George, Jeff Bell, and Francis P. Cannon.[2] It is chaired by Sean Fieler.[3][4] It is led by Terry Schilling, the son of the late former U.S. Representative Bobby Schilling.[5][6] It has opposed Common Core standards and advocated for monetary reform by suggesting a return to the gold standard.[7][8][9] The organization has an affiliated super PAC, the American Principles Project PAC, which spent nearly $4 million during the 2020 election cycle.[10] 


LGBTQ people
APP has funded political campaign ads that reflect the organization's opposition to civil rights protections for LGBTQ people.[26] APP has opposed same-sex marriage and supported restrictions on transgender youth.[27]

In February 2021 Terry Schilling co-authored an op-ed in USA TODAY criticizing the proposed Equality Act, arguing that only biological women should compete in women's sports.[28]

The APP has said that its longterm goal is to eliminate transgender healthcare in its entirety.[29]

In February 2023, the group's president, Terry Schilling, told CNN that they oppose gender-affirming care for all Americans, regardless of age and that they are working with states to introduce and pass bans on it for all ages, but are starting with bans for children since "that's where the vast majority of the American people are right now."[30]
I thought the article was done nicely, the media is on a kick of reporting the “two side” on a one sided topic.

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