Monday, June 19, 2023

What Hath Conservatives Wrought!

The battle of the genders that the conservatives have created for political gain takes no prisoners.

There are many who are caught in the crossfire…
  • A Canadian girl, 9, was brought to tears by a man who insisted she was trans, her parents said.
  • It happened at a regional track and field competition for elementary school kids, per Castanet.
  • The parents say the man, who has denied the allegations, wanted their daughter disqualified.
By: Joshua Zitser
June 14, 2023

A 9-year-old girl was yelled at during a regional track and field event in British Columbia, Canada, on Sunday by a man who insisted she was trans and that she should be disqualified from competing, her parents said, according to local news outlet Castanet.

The child's mothers, who chose not to disclose their daughter's name, told Castanet that the girl was competing in a shot put event at Kelowna's Apple Bowl when the grandfather of another participant began to yell at her.

Heidi Starr, one of her mothers, told the local news outlet: "Right before she went to throw, a grandfather of a student said, 'Hey, this is supposed to be a girls' event, and why are you letting boys compete.'"

The girl's mother clarified that her daughter is cisgender, meaning she was assigned female at birth and still identifies as a girl. She mentioned that her daughter has a pixie haircut, adding that the man also pointed and shouted at another girl with short hair.
The right-wingers are in such a feeding frenzy that they put sharks to shame… they smell blood and they go after anyone who do not fit the looks of their gender norms.
The incident left the girl "visibly shaking and sobbing," said Starr, according to the New York Post.
What all these anti-Trans laws are doing is denying us a safe places and only to those who don’t fit their idea of gender norms. Trans women who can assimilate are not picked on, cis women who don’t fit their ideal woman are picked on.
Starr told the New York Post that she hopes the situation shines a light on "how awful and extreme" anti-trans rhetoric has become.

She added: "This is proof that this has nothing to do with protecting children."
That is what the Republicans are doing, and they blame it on us. 

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  1. According to other articles (The Guardian) the man and his wife have been banned from school district activities, and, the Royal Canadian Mountain Police are investigating this as a hate crime, as well it should.