Tuesday, June 13, 2023

We Can No Longer Sit It Out!

The misanthropes are getting bolder and angrier and we can’t be quite, look at what they did at a soccer game!
AP Sports
By Tales Azzoni and Steve Douglas
June 6, 2023

Hanging from a highway bridge in Madrid, an effigy of one of the world’s most famous Black soccer players stands as a graphic reminder of the racism that sweeps through European soccer.

In truth, the signs are everywhere.

In Italy, where monkey chants swirled around the stadium in April as a Black player celebrated a goal. In England, where a banana peel thrown from a hostile crowd during a game in north London landed at the feet of a Black player after he scored a penalty. In France, where Black players from the men’s national team were targeted with horrific racial abuse online after they lost in last year’s World Cup final.

Go outside Europe and you’ll find them, too.

The manifestation of a deeper societal problem, racism is a decades-old issue in soccer — predominantly in Europe but seen all around the world — that has been amplified by the reach of social media and a growing willingness for people to call it out. And to think that it was only 11 years ago that Sepp Blatter, then president of soccer governing body FIFA, denied there was any racism in the game, saying any abuse should be resolved with a handshake.

The Black player currently subjected to the most vicious, relentless and high-profile racist insults is Vinícius Júnior, a 22-year-old Brazilian who plays for Real Madrid, arguably the most successful soccer team in Europe.
It is a new plague. And it is spreading around the globe.
“I have a purpose in life,” he said on Twitter, “and if I have to keep suffering so that future generations won’t have to go through these types of situations, I’m ready and prepared.”

Vinícius’ biggest concern is that Spanish soccer authorities are doing little to stop the abuse, leading to racism being an accepted part of the game in a country.
The players and referees are not taking it sitting down… well in a way they are sitting down.
The Daily Mail
By Patrick Djordjevi
May 28, 2023

Two of Brazil's biggest clubs have staged an anti-racism protest in support of the nation's star winger, Vinicius Jr. 
The Real Madrid superstar was again subjected to racial abuse during a game at the Mestalla vs. Valencia last Sunday. 

As a result, his former club Flamengo wore jerseys with 'Vini Jr.' emblazoned on the front and partook in a seated protest with Cruzeiro for the first 36 seconds of the game. 

In the stands of the Maracana Stadium, thousands of supporters made a tifo which read 'everyone with Vini Jr' on Saturday.
Hate is not just confined to the US it is spreading around the world… to Spain, to England, to Italy, to Hungary, to Poland. It is becoming an epidemic.

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