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Question: Why Is DeSantis Hopping On One Foot?

Answer: He shot himself in the foot.
June 15, 2023

Key takeaways
  • Views of Ron DeSantis have declined since November, with nearly half of Americans rating him unfavorably now.
  • Over the same period, Disney’s favorability has remained high and stable, with people siding with Disney against DeSantis by nearly 20 points.
  • Just one in four have heard a lot about DeSantis’ announcement for President, and a plurality of those who have heard at least a little say it did not go well.


Disney Is Seen As In the Right Against DeSantis’ Crusade
Democrats (net +67 Disney right), independents (net +28), and every racial group side with Disney over DeSantis, as do one in five Republicans (21%).


“Making America Florida” Is Declining Further in Appeal As DeSantis’ Campaign Gets Underway
Since early April, Americans across party lines have cooled to the idea, driven by large declines among independents (net -31 appealing now, compared to net -5 in April) and Republicans (net +28 now, down from net +52).
Living in an echo chamber. I have to admit that I am but I am not running for office. When you are surrounded “Yes men” and politicians who all are like minded they tend to think that the whole world are like them. But his far right politics are driving people away with him trying to out do Trump.

Roll Call writes in March…
Pollsters and strategists from both parties largely agree: Focusing on transgender issues could help Republicans in the general election if independent voters see the GOP as defending commonsense school policies from “woke” gender ideology run amok. Or it could end up hurting Republicans if voters think they’re just picking on a small, misunderstood set of individuals simply trying to live their lives.


“It’s clear that they think it’s a great idea,” said Ben Lazarus, a Democratic pollster at TargetSmart. “They feel like it can help them win.”
But Lazarus thinks it’ll ultimately bite Republicans in general elections — unless “they somehow miraculously make the debate all about parents and we really don’t push back in a smart way.”


“What we’re trying to counsel Republicans is: Do not take this resurgence of parental rights and weaponize it into something that the voters truly can’t get their head around,” he said. “If you overreach, you will do so at your own peril.”

What polls show
New polling from Data for Progress suggests that voters are starting to see the GOP’s efforts as just that. When asked about the more than 400 pieces of legislation working their way through statehouses, “aimed at limiting the rights of transgender and gay people in America,” 64 percent of respondents, including 55 percent of Republicans, sided with the statement “This is too much legislation. Politicians are playing political theater and using these bills as a wedge issue,” compared with 25 percent who agreed with the statement “This is the right amount of legislation. Politicians are dealing with a real danger that needs to be addressed.”

That figure rose to 78 percent among respondents who know a transgender person.
My take away is, we need to do just as Harvey Milk said… 
Gay brothers and sisters, what are you going to do about it? You must come out. Come out to your parents. I know that it is hard and that it will hurt them, but think of how they will hurt you in the voting booth! Come out to your relatives. I know that it is hard and will upset them but think of how they will upset you in the voting booth. Come out to your friends. If indeed, they are your friends. Come out to your neighbors, to your co-workers, to the people who work where you eat and shop. Come out only to the people you know, and who know you. Not to anyone else. But once and for all, break down the myths, destroy the lies and distortions.
For your sake.

For their sake.

For the sake of the youngsters who are being terrified by the votes coming from Dade.
We need to show that we are just like them.

Roll Call goes on to say,
Republican strategists largely view transgender topics as another front on their war on wokeism, which has animated the party’s base in recent years. But unlike most culture war topics, a large number of voters, including independents, haven’t made up their minds about transgender issues.

“There’s a good number of people who just admit that they don’t know. … It’s a good fifth of the electorate,” said Jane Rayburn, a Democratic pollster with EMC Research.

“Most individuals don’t know much about trans people or queer culture, and anti-trans activists exploit this to promote discriminatory legislation,” Thomas said. “The Democratic party can play a vital role in raising awareness about queer and trans issues by publicly condemning this legislation.”
Newsweek reported,
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has seen his favorability drop across the country as his nemesis, Disney, gets more popular.

DeSantis has been engaged in a feud with the corporate powerhouse ever since Disney spoke out against his "Don't Say Gay Bill" in 2022. The governor signed the bill, which bans the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in certain grades at Florida schools, into law.


Over the same period, Disney's favorability rating has remained high, with people siding with the corporation in its beef with DeSantis and nearly two in three Americans having a favorable view of the media giant.


Even worse news for DeSantis is that his favorability rating among Republicans has declined 19 points since November. One in five Republicans sided with Disney, believing the company is in the right. 

You don't want to take on the mouse!

We have to do the three "E"

Education, education, and more education!


Did you every see the movie “The That Mouse Roared!

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