Friday, June 16, 2023


“20 books were removed by visitor” i.e. Stolen.
By: Olivia Perreault
June 12, 2023

Over 20 books were removed from curated Pride Month displays at the Essex Library by an anonymous visitor on Saturday, library officials said.

The library said they are “disappointed and troubled” by the unauthorized disassembly of the display and are investigating the incident.

On June 1, the library displayed a collection of books for and about the LGBTQIA+ community in honor of the celebration of Pride Month throughout June.


The library said materials in the Pride displays have since been found and restored.
In other words they went to the culprit who stole them and demanded them back.

The Hartford Courant reported…
“Essex Library is committed to providing free access to information for all individuals and families in our community and supports each person’s and each family’s freedom to choose what they want to read and to decide what is important or relevant for their own lives.”
What these people can’t get through their thick skulls is that by stealing the books they are forcing other people to their views and denying other people of their rights.

As I wrote on Monday state officials at a press conference reported a rise in bias crimes.
By: Tina Detelj
June 12, 2023

Connecticut’s commissioner of public safety didn’t mince words while talking about the rise in hate related incidents.

“Today, we’re gonna discuss a really disgusting trend,” Commissioner James Rovella said.

A Pride Month book display at the Essex Library was dismantled this weekend, and a swastika was painted on a Black Lives Matter mural in Hartford. There were also hate-filled letters left in driveways last week in Thompson.

“Freedom can be abused, as we saw in my town last week,” said Thompson First Selectman Amy St. Onge. “It truly broke my heart.”

Others have also spoken out against the hate.

“The distribution of a hate-filled letter especially stings deeply for my wife Erica and I, as it targeted three generations of our family members,” said Larry Groh, Thompson’s former first selectman.

Those letters, as well as flyers left in Hamden recently, may have meant to intimidate, but instead they have energized residents to fight back.


Another troubling trend is the age of the people committing hate crimes.

“I’m seeing a trend of juveniles being radicalized at an earlier age,” Rovella said.

State police are now armed with more tools in this fight.
One of the bills that the Governor's Hate Crimes Advisory Council which I am on proposed legislation to create a Bias Crime Task Force with the CT State Police.
A new law last year created a new hate crime charge of intimidation based on bigotry or bias, and the formation of the Connecticut State Police Hate Crime Task Force.

“This hate crimes unit does not work alone,” Connecticut State Police Lt. Kate Cummings said. “Its members cooperate with local, state and federal law enforcement.”
I have been told by many trans people that when they report a bias crime to the police it goes in one ear and out the other and that they only get lip service from the police. Now if we feel that the local police are fluffing us off we can report it to the bias crime unit.
  • Contact the Hate Crimes Investigative Unit of the Connecticut State Police at
  • Call your local police or 1-800-CALL-FBI or submit a tip at
  • You can submit a tip anonymously.
“Nobody should ever have to fear being the victim of the crime for being the person they are, and it is unconscionable that people continue to be targeted throughout our country because of the color of their skin, the religion they practice, the person they love, their country of birth, or any other personal attributes that identify who they are...”

- Governor Ned Lamont
Hmm… I wonder if DeSantis and Abbott agree with that statement?


  1. “I’m seeing a trend of juveniles being radicalized at an earlier age,” Rovella said.
    REALLY! Of course really!! Doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Mommy and Daddy are sure good teachers. Teach the children to hate and the big wheel turns around and around. Last time it turned the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls helped to further Nazi ideology. Remembering the Hitler Youth and the break in and ransacking of the Institute of Sexology, our library and the burning of the books. Oh those bad juveniles, pat, pat. With in all of this, all of the hate crime laws, all of the commissions, all of the disgust is only good if we have the majority. Good for now but as I have said and will continue to say we are only one election away from losing what we have. Let's hope this hate is a passing trend but I really don't think so.

    I wonder was the person who stole the books from the Essex Library arrested. Or was it just a disappointment that someone would do such a thing. Was their name published in the newspaper? Should have been. Nothing in this war against our people is small and insignificant and must be met head on. But sadly, the majority of LGBT folks are waiting for the next party where they can display their latest trinket proving once again that the misleader's are misleading the people and causing them to grow fluff between their ears. When the crap hits the fan they won't even know it.

    1. Richard Nelson6/16/23, 6:48 PM

      I forgot to put my name on the above comment. I take this war against our people to be a very serious matter. Richard Nelson