Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Go For It!

I think she has a good chance of winning!
By Barbara Sprunt
June 26, 2023

Delaware State Sen. Sarah McBride has announced a congressional run to succeed fellow Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester as the state's at-large member, launching a historic bid that could place her as the first openly transgender person to serve in the U.S. House.

"My commitment is to people in Delaware who aren't seen, who don't shout the loudest or fund political campaigns," McBride said in a video announcing her candidacy Monday. "Everyone deserves a member of Congress who sees them and respects them."

In her video, McBride references her track record in Delaware politics, including the passage of Healthy Delaware Families Act, which provided paid family and medical leave.

"This campaign isn't just about making history – it's about moving forward. To strengthen our democracy, we need effective leaders who believe in taking bold action and building bridges for lasting progress," McBride said in a statement, noting her agenda includes addressing gun violence, protecting access to abortion rights and tackling climate change.
I think she has a very good chance of winning because she has a good track record in the state legislature. She has passed a number of popular bills that are people focused like improving local roads, healthcare reforms, gun control, and paid family leave.
She won her state Senate seat in 2020 with over 70 percent of the general election vote.


McBride's announcement comes as Republican-led state legislatures have been putting forth a slate of bills targeting transgender people.
Boy if she wins I can just see the Republican “House Freedom Caucus” going into a tizzy over her.

NBC reported
“It’s clear that diversity in government is necessary for us to not just ensure we have a healthy democracy but also to truly deliver for people,” the Democrat told The News Journal on Monday.


McBride, who bills herself a progressive who likes to "get things done," said a number of key issues — including criminal justice reform, abortion rights, and gun violence — drove her decision to run, according to her campaign site.

As a state senator, McBride led a successful effort to codify universal paid family and medical leave across the state. She also maintains close ties to the Biden family: McBride worked on Beau Biden's 2010 campaign for Delaware attorney general, and later, Joe Biden wrote the forward to her 2018 memoir.
Meanwhile The Hill writes that,
Although McBride, 32, is not the first openly transgender person to run for Congress — more than a dozen others have tried — she could be the first with a fighting chance. She’s been widely viewed as the front-runner in the race for Delaware’s at-large congressional district, which Rochester won last year with more than 55 percent of the vote.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report rates the House race as “solid Democrat.”

In an interview Monday with The News Journal, McBride said she’s cognizant of the uniqueness of her candidacy, “but ultimately, I’m not running to be a trans member of Congress.”
So she has a very good chance of winning!

I think she made a good choice to run for the House seat and not the Senate because a congressional district is local and they know her as opposed to running in the whole state.

The Hill goes on to report,
Before her election to the state legislature in 2020, McBride was a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights group. She also worked at the Center for American Progress and interned at the White House, the first openly transgender woman to do so.

As a teenager, McBride worked on Delaware campaigns for former Democratic Gov. Jack Markell and the late state Attorney General Beau Biden (D), President Biden’s eldest son.
My only concern is if the Republicans maintain control of the House the Republicans might try to freeze her out and deny her of committee seats. And denying the voters in her district a voice in Congress.

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