Friday, March 24, 2023

Yeah, But What About My Rights?

We see this across the country one person complains about a LGBTQ+ book and they are yanked from the self. What about the rights of all the other people to decide what they want their children to read?

Tallahassee Democrat
By Jennifer Koslow
March 20, 2023

Florida Statute 1014 reads: "The Legislature finds that it is a fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their minor children." If HB 1421 & SB 254 pass into law, the state needs to update its language to say: "The Legislature finds that it is a fundamental right of someparents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their minor children."

Sound familiar? Do you remember reading George Orwell's satirical novella Animal Farm? I do. I vividly recollect that the pigs on Manor Farm transformed the original tenet "All Animals are Equal" into "But Some Animals are More Equal than Others." What I never imagined, however, is that my family might be the subject of a similar dystopian nightmare.


My family, and no family I know, has ever made a medical decision regarding their transgender child without consulting a team of physicians. Having gender dysphoria is not being "confused." It is a condition where a person's feelings about their body are out of alignment with the physical traits of their body. For some (but not all), gender dysphoria creates extreme distress.

Thirty years of data on puberty blockers tell us that this is a safe medication to temporarily pause puberty. As transgender children become adolescents, gradually taking gender-affirming hormones is only done as an informed decision for them and their parents. HB 1421 & SB 254 undermines a parent's fundamental right to make medical decisions for their child in consultation with their physicians.

I am sick and tired of this being a one way street against!

“Parental Right” has become an euphemism for discrimination. It is an attempt for an end run around the non-discrimination laws.

“I don’t want my children reading those horrible books on LGBTQ+ children!” is just discriminatory. They say that they are protecting their children… from what?

Imagine sitting in a classroom and everyone knows you as Sally. And then this bill passes, and the teacher calls you James. Everyone laughs. Then the kids in the class begin to taunt you. What does the teacher do? Nothing. Why? Because, in Florida, it will be OK for a teacher and peers to intentionally misgender someone, which by its very nature is belittling. The state Constitution of Florida makes it a duty of the state to provide all children with a "uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high-quality system of free public schools." HB 1403/SB 1580 undermines every transgender child's constitutional right to feel safe and secure at school.

And the bullying, that harassment is becoming state sponsored. It is being pushed gleefully by Republican legislators.

It used to be a badge of honor to have your book “Banned in Boston” but now…

AP News
By Scott McFetridge, Anthony Izaguirre and Sara Cline
March 20, 2023

Teri Patrick bristles at the idea she wants to ban books about LGBTQ issues in Iowa schools, arguing her only goal is ridding schools of sexually explicit material.

Sara Hayden Parris says that whatever you want to call it, it’s wrong for some parents to think a book shouldn’t be readily available to any child if it isn’t right for their own child.

The viewpoints of the two mothers from suburban Des Moines underscore a divide over LGBTQ content in books as Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds pushes an especially sweeping crackdown on content in Iowa school libraries. The bill she’s backing could result in the removal of books from school libraries in all of the state’s 327 districts if they’re successfully challenged in any one of them.

The thing is what they call “sexually explicit material” it seems to differ to what is acceptable is based on their orientation, a boy and a girl kissing… OK. A boy and a boy kissing… “sexually explicit material.”

Longstanding disagreements about content in school libraries often focus this year on books with LGBTQ themes as policymakers nationwide also consider limiting or banning gender-affirming care and drag shows, allowing the deadnaming of transgender students or adults in the workplace, and other measures targeting LGBTQ people.

The thing is what is “sexually explicit material” to one person is “racy” but not “sexually explicit” who gets to define what is and what isn’t “sexually explicit material?”

I think they hit the nail on its head…

“People are scared because they don’t think LGBTQ people should exist,” Maul said. “They don’t want their own children to be LGBTQ, and they feel if they can limit access to these books and materials, then their children won’t be that way, which is simply not true and is heartbreaking and disgusting.”

BINGO, they fear anything different form them.

In Louisiana, activists fear a push by Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry to investigate sexually explicit materials in public libraries — and recently proposed legislation that could restrict children and teens’ access to those books — is being used to target and censor LGBTQ content.

What a witch hunt that will be! Would the investigators be a bunch of old prunes and evangelicals Christians leaders? Who do you think the Republican will appoint? A broad coalition of views and a very narrow view of what is “sexually explicit material?”

Update to an earlier story that I wrote about here.

The filibuster continues, ABC News wrote,

For the past three weeks, Nebraska State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh has been on an endless run, speaking on the Senate floor on just about every topic: legislation, fish fries, Girl Scout cookies and the movie "Madagascar."

The state's non-partisan, single-chamber legislature is ruled by Republican lawmakers, however, it takes 33 votes to overcome a filibuster, and the legislature has only 32 Republicans.

Now, Cavanaugh is heading into her fourth week of fighting an anti-LGBTQ bill that would ban transgender health care for people under the age of 19. According to a representative from Speaker of the Legislature Sen. John Arch's office, debate on the bill is set to begin on Tuesday, and is being brought to the floor sooner thanks to a deal between Cavanaugh and Arch.

Thank you Senator Cavanaugh for standing up to the tyranny for us and having our backs.

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