Monday, March 13, 2023

Life’s A Drag… Queen That Is.

We all know that the Republicans are attacking anything LGBTQ+ passing draconian laws and trying to force us back to the 1950s when we were in the closet.

There is a meme going around on Facebook

Just like us the public doesn’t know anything about drag, they only see the outrageous photos from Pride. They only know the lies the Republicans are pushing.

Facebook Is Loving This Man’s Honest Depiction of Drag Queen Story Hour
The GOP makes it seem like drag queens are performing nightclub shows in front of kids at story hour events when they are actually inspiring children’s love of reading in over-the-top costumes.
The Advocate
By Christopher Wiggins
March 9 2023

A man from Missouri has had enough of the disinformation around Drag Queen Story Hour events. So he posted about these children’s reading opportunities on Facebook, and the internet took notice.

Kyle Denton posted a photo on Tuesday showing real drag queens reading to kids in over-the-top outfits.

“Just [in] case people were wondering, this is what drag queens around children look like! Fully dressed, usually dressed in the theme of the book they are reading! Lots of you have misinformation about what a drag queen in a library looks like. They aren’t doing some overly sexual show! They are just reading books to kids in a silly over the top (fully covered up) costume!” he wrote.

I doubt very much that many people have tried researching drag queens, they just know what the Republican garbage is pushing.

“Drag Queen story hour is not offensive. If you’re offended, that’s a you problem. Worry a bit more about your kindergartener having to go through active shooter drills and little girls being dolled up like sex workers for “baby beauty contests.” You know, *actual* problems,” wrote one Facebook user.

But most people only know the garbage that the Republicans are spewing.

“I’ve been around drag for 15 years, and the queens are some of the kindest people I know,” he adds.

He says he’s impressed by the strength that drag performers exhibit daily with all the ridicule to which they are exposed.

“They are wonderful people in and out of drag, and I just wish people took the time to get to know them before they labeled them as a problem,” Denton says.

Then last night at the Oscars,

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Director Slams Anti-Drag Bills During Oscar Speech
Daniel Scheinert called drag "a threat to nobody" while thanking his parents for not squashing his creativity as a kid
The Rolling Stone
By Jon Blistein
March 12, 2023

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL At Once co-director Daniel Scheinert took a shot at the anti-drag bills being pushed by conservative lawmakers around the country while accepting the Oscar for Best Director on Sunday night. 

During his speech, Scheinert thanked his parents for “not squashing when I was making really disturbing horror films, or really perverted comedy films, or dressing in drag as a kid — which is a threat to nobody.”


The director joins a chorus of stars who have also spoken out against the bills, including Nashville’s own Hayley Williams of Paramore, who previously wrote of the Tennessee laws aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, “Once again our state has passed two regressive and unfathomably harmful bills. We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ family and local LGBTQIA+ orgs in this fight, not only for inclusion for our friends and family in the queer community, but for radical acceptance and empowerment for each of them. Drag is not a crime. Gender-affirming healthcare for all, including our youth, is a necessity.” The Bonnaroo music festival, stationed in Manchester, Tennessee, similarly pledged to remain a “safe haven for people of all walks of life” despite the newly-passed laws. “Rest assured The Farm will remain a sanctuary for those freedoms and Bonnaroovians will see no changes in programming or celebration of self-expression at the festival,” organizers wrote.

In another meme…

“If you have to make laws to hurt a group of people just to prove your morals and faith, then you have no true morals or faith to prove.”

George Takei

Do you want to help us?

It is simple… speak up!!!!!

We can no longer sit silently by… this is our lives we are talking about.

Talk to your relatives.

Talk to your neighbors.

Talk to your friends.

Talk to your co-workers.

You do have to out yourself. Here is a script you can use…

Do you see all of those laws the Republicans are passing?

I don’t like the way they are going after LGBTQ it seems vindictive and punitive. What do you think about the laws banning transgender children and drag queens?  Why are they doing it? They haven’t done anything wrong, what are they passing all these laws?

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  1. RICHARD NELSON3/13/23, 11:00 PM

    And when this war is over and “normal flip flops again” let’s hear the amerikkkans singing as the Germans did in the middle of the last century. It is easier for folks to listen to the BS and turn away then to be educated to the reality. You know the old, “it's not happening to me, so I don’t know anything about it.” You know the old, “We got God, and you don’t” Nothing is going to change these folks' minds. They are fighting a holy war against us. Minds of the worse kind. Stir that in with the political right and storm troopers such as the Proud Boys, Gays Against Groomer and you got one heck of an evil mixture. Who will take the time to sort out the bad guys from the good guys in Tennessee? What corporations are silent as Legal Fascism takes over their state? Where is Dolly? How about a moratorium, a one day close down of business, art galleries, concert venues, or do the people of Tennessee agree, after all they did vote in the representatives who wrote and supported by voting these bills against our people.
    So anyway, let’s have a little song. Sorry I can’t supply the music here.

    We didn't know said the Burgermeister,
    About the camps on the edge of town.
    It was Hitler and his crew,
    That tore the German nation down.
    We saw the cattle cars it's true,
    And maybe they carried a Jew or two.
    They woke us up as they rattled through,
    But what did you expect me to do?
    We didn't know at all,
    We didn't see a thing.
    You can't hold us to blame,
    What could we do?
    It was a terrible shame,
    But we can't bear the blame.
    Oh no, not us, we didn't know.