Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Blast From The Past With A New Twist!

There are many sayings about learning from the past sometimes we just don’t learn or don’t want to learn. Right now we are reliving the 1950s where being LGBTQ was a crime. Then came the late 70s and early 80s and “Save the Children” madness lead by Anita Bryant well now it is back again!

By The Miami Herald Editorial Board
March 16, 2023

They carried signs saying “Protect our children” and “Don’t legislate immorality.” Their leader said she spoke as a mother and a Christian, her “Save our children” campaign proclaiming to save Florida’s youth from the influence of gay people.

It was 1977, and singer Anita Bryant, known for her Florida orange juice commercials, became the face of an effort to repeal a Dade County ordinance that prohibited discrimination against gay men and lesbians. Almost 50 years later, the same rhetoric has resurfaced in Florida Republicans’ fight against teaching LGBTQ issues at schools, transgender treatment and their threats against businesses that host drag shows.

To use the old cliche, history does repeat itself, for good and for ill. This time, unfortunately, it’s for ill.

But now it is well financed and organized. and it is back again with vengeance. Hundreds and hundreds of anti-LGBTQ bills and laws! We all know what is happening with the Republicans using us as cannon fodder.

Like Bryant in 1977, they say they are acting in the name of “Protection of Children” — to name a bill targeting drag shows. It’s under that premise that the DeSantis administration has threatened essentially to shut down drag-show venues that allow minors. The state is going after their liquor licenses.

They rally up the masses with lies about the drag queens and trans youth and call it “parental rights” which is a code word for discrimination.

In the free state of Florida, parental rights reign unless a parent’s choice doesn’t align with state bureaucrats. Whose job is it anyway to parent children?

They call us “Groomers” but in truth they are the ones that want to criminalize LGBTQ parents and healthcare. They are the ones that are banning books that do not align with their ideology and bully, harass, and violence against us.

There’s nothing new or original about labeling LGBTQ people as harmful to children. We would call that rhetoric pathetic if it weren’t so dehumanizing. Drag queens and kings, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, queer and non-binary people have as much right to exist in the “free state of Florida” as the conservative group Moms for Liberty.

They have gone way beyond are the showing up with assault weapons, they are the ones who massacred LGBTQ+ people at nigh clubs. They have gone way beyond Anita Bryant anti-LGBTQ+ campaign to intimidation and violence to force us back in the closet.

Now instead of carried signs saying “Protect our children” they are AR16s.

This has gone way beyond anti-LGBTQ+ laws and bills this has gone to condoning violence against us, bullying and discrimination against us. This is about the new brownshirt who are trying to annihilate us, this is about the “final solution”.

A local website CT News Junkie had an editorial on this.

By John L. Micek
March 17, 2023

If you ever needed a reminder that we can’t turn a blind eye to hate, new data from the Anti-Defamation League should more than do the trick.

White supremacist propaganda hit an all-time high across the country in 2022, even as antisemitic propaganda more than doubled from the year before.

The civil rights group tallied 6,751 incidents in 2022, up from the 4,876 incidents nationwide in 2021. That’s a 38% year-over-year increase nationwide, according to the ADL.

So you’d think that there’d be pretty widespread agreement that this kind of stuff is repugnant and has no place in a civil society, right? Tell that to those who think the Black Lives Matter movement is racist and a hate group.


Rosen also astutely noted that the “taboo on Jew-hating statements and actions has steadily eroded, as the memory of the Holocaust has begun to fade.”

The Republican party is not the party of your parents, this is a Republican party that is following the writings in Mein Kampf and not the Constitution.

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