Sunday, March 26, 2023

Big Or Small? That Is The Question

There is a new kid on the block, they question is will they play with others.

I am not saying that I am against them but only that we have to be be aware that it can happen and guard against it.

The group, Keystone Equality, is meant to mirror the diversity of LGBTQ communities
Philadelphia Gay News
By Michele Zipkin
February 7, 2023

In an effort to advance LGBTQ inclusion in Pennsylvania, leaders from across the state formed Keystone Equality, a nonpartisan organization with a goal of organizing statewide LGBTQ advocacy initiatives. The organization’s membership will accomplish this via community building within local, state and federal governments; and it will work to get LGBTQ community supporters elected, facilitate LGBTQ voter participation and convey to government officials that LGBTQ Pennsylvanians have political power. 

“We have been in need of a state-wide LGBT group for some time now,” said Keystone Equality Board Co-Chair Bre Reynolds, president and founder of the Clinton County LGBTQ+ Network. “Several folks came to the table from a variety of different areas to start this. It’s very necessary with the way politics are going these days, with the way that the elections shook out in the fall.”

I agree we need a  state-wide LGBT group, but… but…

Will they dominate in the state.

2011 Celebrating the passing on the
non-discrimination law 
I was there in the beginning when CT Equality was formed with a grant from Love Makes a Family. Back in 2010 the focus was on passing the gender inclusive none discrimination law. Then it kind of faded into the background but it was recreated a couple of years ago to dominate.

Back then a question was raised and never answered… what about the smaller LGBTQ orgainizations like the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective and outCT will they be pushed aside? What will happen to them in their quest for funding? What about when the media reaches out for interviews who will they ask? Will a national advocacy organization be good for the states?

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  1. RICHARD NELSON3/26/23, 5:43 PM

    Statewide organizations tend to be reformist in nature and survive on a one issue agenda. If they are I do not support them.

    The last I heard from Ct. Equality was they testified for HB6588 An Act Concerning Rent Stabilization. A very good bill. But I must say I am leery of any of our Ct. organizations which haven't made a peep about the fascist order marching in amerikkka. Not one word against the 5 anti-trans bills introduced in Ct. Friday March 31 is Trans Visibility Day, why isn't a rally being held at the state capitol against these bills and legislators that have proposed them in Ct. You know the old, We Are Here and We Are Watching You! Do some folks think that all is well in the nice progressive state of Ct. and that we can all sit back. (I have never seen such garbage that some groups are doing for Trans Visibility Day.) Our fighting Trans Liberation Warriors must be spinning in their grave. I am alive and well and it makes me want to puke. Too many allies running the show. Be nice, eat pizza, socialize. I do hope that folks realize that this nice state is nice only if we keep a majority, lose that and WHAM! Don't speak up and everyone will think that we don't care.

    Why isn't Ct. Equality calling for a rally on the steps of the capitol for Friday? They have to do more than just testify once in a while if they want to be the voice of us all. Where is HGLHC? This is a Health Emergency happening now?
    One thing is I have to stop sticking my neck out for people who are so filled with trinket and fluff that they won't know when the fascist comes up to them and bites them in their nose. I must be stupid, why would I want to have a fascist bite me because of them? I am sick of new folks in the movement who haven't even been around the block once trying to lead and of old movement people who think it's okay to hang their hat in the same coat room as tomorrow's oppressor. I am more than appalled.