Sunday, March 12, 2023

What Baggage He Is Bring To The Table!

Everyone believes that DeSantis has his sights set sitting in the White House oval office but who is he bring with him?

In Florida, far-right groups look to seize the moment
By Sergio Olmos and Jim Urquhart
March 10, 2023

It's an unseasonably cool January evening. Helicopters buzz overhead as a NFL playoff game gets underway. In a downtown alley not far from the stadium, masked men have their sights on the 37-story Wells Fargo Center.

Two of the men wear white gaiters with the acronym of their white nationalist group, National Socialist Florida, written in the typeface of German WW II propaganda posters. One of the men kneels down in the alley and takes off his backpack. He removes a commercial grade laser projector that retails for about $3,000. Smaller than a loaf of bread, compact, powerful and mobile.

Josh Nunes, the leader of the small band of white nationalist extremists, keeps a lookout for police while the other man aims the laser onto the skyscraper, careful to avoid helicopters flying overhead and possible detection. He projects a rolling ticker tape onto the building that reads, "Why are child friendly drag shows legal? @ Ron DeSantis." Nunes cranes his neck to see how it looks.

These are the people who worship DeSantis… swamp scum!

Nunes and his group regularly coordinate with other far-right groups, forming what the advocacy organization Anti-Defamation League calls an unprecedented level of coordination among white nationalist groups in Florida.

"What we have seen is certain types of activism definitely gets interest and recruitment up. And that's where like the drag queen shit — like everybody wants to be a part of the team shutting that down," says Nunes, referencing the manufactured hysteria over children and drag events stoked by politicians and pundits and spurred on by extremists like himself.

Nunes and his group are intentionally choosing messages meant to resonate with a mainstream conservative audience. At the same time, mainstream political figures like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have fused some far-right talking points into their political rhetoric.

And they call us “groomers!”

These are the people that DeSantis rally around and are cultivating with his anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-Black laws.

He tosses out legally elected public officials and judges to put his cronies in, he attacks companies who talk against his policies, he has people arrested for media attention and then latter the charges are dropped. He wants to control what you read. In other words he is an authoritarian fascist dictator who want to be president.

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