Monday, March 13, 2023

In Other News: Why Now?


I think you all have heard of the horrible toxic train wreck on the boarder of Pennsylvania and Ohio. But it was only one of may toxic accidents around the nation each year. Not only railroad accidents but also highway accidents and it happened again just last week!

Before I retired one of my duties at work was as “Safety Engineer” so I had to be trained to the level of “On-scene Incident Commander” and some of the training dealt with hazardous chemicals and I had a book of those numbers in a diamond signs on trucks. Believe me when I say what some of those trucks hauls I do not want to be within a mile of them… they are scary!

So here is my question?

Why are the Republicans and Fox News making such a big deal out East Palestine? There has been many toxic spills each year just as bad as East Palestine accident. These accidents happened under both Democrat and Republican administrations and during the Trump administration there was a very bad accident in New Jersey but it was never covered like the press is covering the East Palestine accidents why now?

Not only haven’t these accidents were not in the media like it is now but the fact that the Department of Transportation budget was cut under the Trump administration! Also a number railroad safety measures were rolled back under the Trump administration. Many of the Republicans also voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill which included funding to improve railroad safety.

But now all of a sudden the Republicans are jumping up and down pointing fingers at President Biden and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg, why?

And now the House Republicans say they are going to hold hearings on the accident and the president’s response.

Back to my question… Why now? Why not during the Trump administration when there also were toxic spills?

I think we all know the answer.


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