Tuesday, March 14, 2023


They lecture us on morals.

They say we are grooming children.

They say we are pedophiles.

What do you call it when a 17 year old gets a 15 old pregnant out of wedlock.

Lauren Boebert will be a 36 year old grandmother so doing the math she was 19 years old when she had her son!

The British Independent had this to say,

The right-wing representative, who was nearly upset in her bid for re-election in November and actively spoke out against abortion laws in the US, said her biggest fear was whether Tyler’s partner "would choose life”.

"And they did," she said. "And we are so proud of them."

She went on to praise values of “rural conservative communities”, suggesting they have a higher rate of teen mothers as compared to women in cities.

“There’s something special about rural conservative communities,” Ms Boebert said. “They value life.”

Yes, I can tell the deference between a cities and the rural communities. In the city the kids take precaution. And the rural kids just keep them pregnant and in the kitchen, they can’t afford any children at that age.

“Teen moms’ rates are higher in rural conservative areas because they understand the preciousness of a life that it’s about to be born,” she added.

I call that irresponsible.

Speaking of moral.

There is a bill in Congress to denounce racism who do you think will not sign on to the bill?

Lauren Boebert Interrupts Committee Hearing Over White Supremacist Comment
By Nick Mordowanec
March 9, 2023

A U.S. House hearing on strategic petroleum reserves got off to a hot start after Representatives Cori Bush and Lauren Boebert sparred over alleged white supremacist views.

The heated debate came two came two days after Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin, ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, sent a letter to GOP Chairman James Comer that called for Republicans to join Democrats in denouncing white nationalism and white supremacy.

More than two dozen Republicans refused to sign the letter.

Now how moral is that?

So many "Holier than thou" Republicans are really closet queens.

News Channel 5 Nashville reports,

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, in an exclusive interview Thursday, apologized after the uproar over his interactions with provocative posts on social media, while insisting that his intentions have been misconstrued.

"I'm really, really sorry if I've embarrassed my family, embarrassed my friends, embarrassed any of the members of the legislature with the posts," McNally told NewsChannel 5 Investigates. "It was not my intent to [embarrass them] and not my intent to hurt them."

The 79-year-old East Tennessee Republican — who has presided over a legislative session defined by bills outlawing drag shows in public places and targeting gender care for the trans community — found himself facing accusations of hypocrisy after a progressive site, the Tennessee Holler, unearthed his social media interactions with a 20-year-old gay model.


He added, "I'm the one that gets free weed for giving head," a reference to oral sex.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates noted, "And it was liked by Lt. Gov. McNally."

"Yeah," McNally acknowledged. "I don't know that, a lot of times on some people's posts you see the name and you see what they've written, and you just press the button that says like."

We pressed, "So you didn't read that post?"

"I don't recall reading the part about the weed, I know that," McNally answered.

What about the part about the man being a "prostitute"?

"I might have read that," the lieutenant governor responded.

In that case, was it appropriate to like the comment?

McNally paused, "Probably not, probably not."

Condemning what other do while you do it in the closet, how moral is that? 

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