Monday, March 06, 2023

It Is Time To Buy Some Chocolate.

Allies are where you find them.

This time it is on a candy bar!

Hershey put a trans woman on a candy bar, and some customers are calling for a boycott
Market Watch via MSN
By Charles Passy
March 2, 2023

Another chocolate company’s attempt to challenge gender stereotypes has drawn an online boycott.

In this case, it’s the Hershey Company which launched a campaign in Canada to promote International Women’s Day (March 8) by releasing five limited-edition “HER for SHE” chocolate bars. One of the bars features Fae Johnstone, a trans woman who is co-owner and executive director of the Canadian consulting firm Wisdom2Action, and who describes themself as a queer, trans and feminist activist.

The bar prompted some immediate backlash, especially from the political right, to Johnstone’s participation in the campaign as a trans woman. The campaign has renewed heated discussion over gender identity and trans rights online, and led the hashtag #BoycottHersheys to jump to the top of Twitter trends on Thursday.

Of course the conservatives are in a tizzy over this!

In response to the controversy concerning Johnstone, Hershey sent MarketWatch a statement, saying, “We value togetherness and recognize the strength created by diversity. Over the past three years, our Women’s History Month programming has been an inclusive celebration of women and their impact. We appreciate the countless people and meaningful partnerships behind these efforts.”

And the conservative CNS News wrote,

The five women in the ad each check a box for at least one liberal cause, ranging from gender ideology to “indigenous rights and water” activism, according to the release:

Autumn Peltier, Indigenous Rights and Water Activist;
Fae Johnstone, 2SLGBTQIA+ Advocate;
Rita Audi, Gender and Education Equality Activist;
Naila Moloo, Climate Tech Researcher; and
Kélicia Massala, founder of Girl Up Québec (nonbinary activism).

So can you imagine how these “liberals” are warping the right-wing minds into a dither!

So go out and buy chocolate! (I know you all will have a hard time eating those chocolate bars!)

So do you want to see the ad that got them hopping mad?

Hershey issued this state as reported in the Hill,

Hershey has responded to backlash over the decision to highlight the work of a trans activist as part of its International Women’s Day promotion, saying that the inclusive campaign “recognize[s] the strength in diversity.”

Critics first began calling for a Hershey boycott over the last week, after Hershey Canada announced the release of limited-edition chocolate bars featuring the likenesses of “five Canadian women working to build a better future through their passion, activism, and work in their communities.”

Of course the conservatives are hopping mad...

Amy Kremer, the co-founder of Women for Trump, claimed the campaign was “disgusting” and called for a boycott of Hershey’s chocolate. Other critics, many of whom identified as conservative in their Twitter biographies, appeared to claim that they, too, would be giving up the company’s products in response to Johnstone’s inclusion.

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