Friday, March 31, 2023

Flying Over The Capitol

For the first time in history the trans flag is flying over the Capitol in Hartford.

It has been a long, long journey but we prevailed thanks to our pioneers two of whom were Jerimarie Liesegang and Shawn Lang. They lead the way to where we are now. I only wish they were here to see it.


Updated 3:30 PM.

For first time ever, Trans Pride Flag flies over Connecticut Capitol
Hartford Courant
By Alison Cross
March 31, 2023

The Transgender Pride Flag flew over the Connecticut Capitol Friday for the first time in state history, demonstrating a powerful message of allyship on International Trans Day of Visibility.

In a ceremony that highlighted both the triumphs and struggles facing the community, trans activists and allies joined Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz to mark the historic occasion.

“I am so proud to stand with you today to deliver a clear message that the trans community will always have a home in Connecticut,” Bysiewicz said. “It is a very clear reminder to the community that we see you, we love you, we welcome you, and we’re not going to stop fighting for you.”

A small crowd of lawmakers, faith leaders, community organizers and everyday folks clapped and cheered as the flag ascended above the Connecticut State Capitol. Some marveled that they never thought they would witness an occasion like this in their lifetime.


“It was people like Diana back in 2011 who said that the state of Connecticut should lead the world … to make a commitment to equal rights for every citizen of this state in all places and at all times,” Webb said. “And it is with this in mind that we have to continue that commitment and we have to extend the Connecticut example, not just here in this state but across this country.”


White House press release...

FACT SHEET: White House Honors Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility, the Biden-Harris Administration is uplifting transgender communities—and especially transgender kids and their families—by celebrating their resilience in the face of hateful anti-transgender laws being advanced across the country. Since President Biden’s first day in office, the Administration has taken historic steps to advance equality, dignity, and safety for transgender Americans, and he is the first President in history to discuss the importance of expanding equality and combating attacks on the rights of transgender Americans in every State of the Union or joint session of Congress address. While transgender Americans have an unwavering champion in the President, conservative politicians have advanced hundreds of anti-transgender laws in states across the country so far this year, putting the fundamental rights and freedoms of trans Americans at risk. As President Biden has said, transgender Americans are some of the bravest people he knows, but nobody should have to be brave to be themselves.


  • Issuing a landmark report on ways to support and affirm LGBTQI+ youth, especially transgender youth...
  • Issuing guidance on gender identity inclusion for public servants.
  • Signing a historic Executive Order to advance equality for LGBTQI+ people, especially children and families
  • Intervening legally when states violate the rights of transgender youth and their families.
  • Expanding mental health resources for transgender youth.
  • Clarifying that LGBTQI+ youth are entitled to support and affirmation in the child welfare system. 
  • Supporting transgender students in our nation’s schools.
  • Directing agencies to strengthen LGBTQI+ rights.
These are just about a quarter of the items listed on the White House press release.


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