Friday, March 17, 2023

These People Are Sick!

Interfering with a suicide hotline takes a certain type of low life.

LGBTQ Suicide Hotline Workers Are Burnt Out After Facing Harassment From Conservatives
Those who work for The Trevor Project say that the nonprofit is not supporting its employees, and they want to unionize.
By Kevin Hurler
March 9, 2023

Employees of one of the largest LGBTQ+ nonprofits in the country—The Trevor Project—are facing abuse from the Far Right, and they claim that the organization is not properly supporting its crisis hotline staff.

Vice News reports workers at The Trevor Project’s suicide hotline are receiving relentless homophobic and transphobic harassment while already dealing with emotionally draining cases involving self-harm and suicide. According to the outlet, one of the most severe cases of harassment comes from a group of 4chan users who wanted to overwhelm the nonprofit’s crisis hotline, which the organization claimed increased wait times for actual queer youth in crisis. Some employees told Vice News that this is just one symptom of a growing disconnect within the organization.

These are people who are crawling out of a swamp.

Hallock told Vice News that The Trevor Project has upwards of 1,000 people working on the organization’s suicide hotline, and harassment from the right includes slurs, threats of violence against the organization, or attempts of documenting calls or chats to feed to conservative media.

This scum are the same low life people who are cheering on the Republicans in passing anti-trans laws.

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  1. The level of vitriol has been ramped up because the cultural war has been lost and they feel it. It won't be pretty for a while longer until the lowest of the scum are sufficiently shamed by an increasingly accepting society.