Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Parental Rights!

How many time have you heard that Republican mantra?

Get the government off your back, that is another of their favorite sayings, now keep those two slogan in mind.

Business Insider
By Kimberly Leonard
March 14, 2023

Florida regulators revoked a hotel liquor license for hosting a drag show performance where minors were present. 

The DeSantis administration had previously said it was looking into "A Drag Queen Christmas."

The minors were allowed in as long as they were with an adult.

The DeSantis administration is revoking the Hyatt Regency Miami's alcohol license after one of its facilities hosted "A Drag Queen Christmas" with minors present in the audience.


The Hyatt might not be the only facility to lose its license. In July 2022, the DeSantis administration filed a complaint against a Miami bar that hosted a drag show where minors were present. It filed a similar complaint against the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza in February.

Now lets take a look at “Parental Rights.”

The article said that a parent brought in their child… a parent’s right.

For a "R" movie…

RESTRICTED. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Wait a minute!

A child under 17 can go to a “R” movie but not to a drag show! So much for “Parental Rights” it seems like you only have the rights that the Republicans want and not what the parents want.

Now the Republicans are looking over the parents’ shoulder tell them what they can and cannot do! Telling them what they can do with their children and what healthcare they can have. It seems to the government is butting in our lives. It is about the Republicans wanting to control your life.

Which brings us to,

"A fundamental tenet of the First Amendment is that the government should not punish people simply because it disapproves of the content of their speech," Ruane said. "Yet this decision will harm a business simply because it supported speech the government doesn't like.

The Republicans are nothing but liars!

They lie about “Parental Rights.”

They lie about getting the government off of our backs.

You can believe anything the Republicans say.

Update 3/15/2023 @ 5:30PM

And article on NBC News reported that;

In a 17-page complaint filed Tuesday with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, which the department shared with NBC News, the DeSantis administration argued that the hotel violated Florida statutes on lewdness by hosting the show.

The complaint cites a 1947 state Supreme Court case that found “men impersonating women” constitutes a public nuisance. It also argues that the hotel exposed children to “simulated sexual activity, and lewd, vulgar, and indecent displays.”

“The nature of the Show’s performance, particularly when conducted in the presence of young children, corrupts the public morals and outrages the sense of public decency,” the complaint said.

They sure are scraping the bottom of the bucket to use a 1947 law.

This just shows you that the Republicans really want to go back the time of “Father Knows Best” when Blacks knew their place, we were in the closet, and the wives were barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

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  1. These *Spanish Inquisitors* should have been thoroughly thrashed. But they pop up here and there all the time. I despair.