Sunday, March 26, 2023


All this anti-LGBTQ+ animosity is having its toll on us and others, they are running scared.

AP News
By Jay Cohen and Stephen Whyno
March 24, 2023

A National Hockey League team with a Russian player has decided against wearing special warmup jerseys to commemorate Pride night, citing an anti-gay Kremlin law that could imperil Russian athletes when they return home.

The Chicago Blackhawks, who have at least two more players with connections to Russia, will not wear Pride-themed warmup jerseys before Sunday’s game against Vancouver, a person with knowledge of the matter told The Associated Press, because of security concerns involving the law, which expands restrictions on supporting LGBTQ rights. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed it in December.

The decision was made by the Blackhawks following discussions with security officials within and outside the franchise, according to a person familiar with the situation who spoke Wednesday to the AP on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the move.

The Dessert News wrote…

The Minnesota Wild’s second annual Pride Night sparked confusion Tuesday after the team scrapped one of the planned events with little warning or explanation.

Although some Wild players had rainbow-colored tape on their sticks during warmups, they did not wear Pride-themed warmup jerseys. The jerseys had been advertised in advance of the game, along with the team’s plans to auction them off.

While the Washington Blade in January said,

New York LGBTQ Rangers fans were disappointed after the National Hockey League team forwent wearing the team’s special warm-up jerseys and using Pride stick tape during the team’s 7th annual Pride Night Friday.

The Rangers had promoted Friday night’s Madison Square Garden home game against Vegas Golden Knights, saying players “will be showing their support by donning pride-themed warm-up jerseys and tape in solidarity with those who continue to advocate for inclusivity.”  But ultimately the team wore their “Liberty Head” jerseys in warmups instead.

Will the Hartford Yard Goats drop their Pride Night? What about Connecticut Sun, the women’s basketball team at Mohegan Sun? Will they run scared?

And their excuse! They worry about their Russian players???? Why?

They worry that they might embarrass them? They are worried about offending the Russian people? The ones that support an invasion of a country? That “Does not compute.”

I believe that the real reason is they afraid of antagonizing their right-wing base. They are afraid that it will hurt their bottom line.


  1. People need to wake up and accept the fact that Trans and Gay people are here to stay and just get over them selves and get on with life! Which is too short as it is...

  2. As a Black Hawks fan since the late Jim Norris would come to our elementary schools to give out tickets for weekend games on television, so the old Chicago Stadium would not look too empty, I have been following this. There are three players on the Hawks from Russia. While they have expressed no concerns for themselves, they each have family / close relatives / friends back in "Mother Russia" whom they fear harsh retribution against. I can see their concern!

  3. I feel that there will be a backslash equal to that related to abortion rights, women's rights and book banning. I don't think those responsible for all this regressive activity understand wuunderstunderstand what they are about to face in reaction. Think Kansas.

  4. By the way, The Chicago Gay Men's Chorus is preforming during both intermissions from the organ loft.

  5. Richard Nelson3/27/23, 7:33 AM

    So now we bow to Russia. What's next Russian laws against LGBT people. Woops! I forgot all those states passing laws against us right here and now. I remember hiding under my desk at school in fear of the Russians bombing america.

  6. At one point in my younger days I believed that access to information would lead to a more enlightened world except now I know better and understand that the natural limitations of people who are always afraid cannot be repaired. For many, ignorance is bliss.

    1. RICHARD NELSON3/27/23, 10:37 PM

      I believe it was Kahlil Gibran who said, "Before we were walking open eyed in the darkness, now we are walking blinded in the light."